Accessibility Services

Frequently asked questions for faculty

I have a student in my class that I have received an accommodation form for. I’d like to know more about their disability so that I may adjust my teaching strategy.

When working with a student supported by Accessibility Services, please contact the Accessibility Services Advisor or Counsellor for more information on accommodations and how you may improve the accessibility of your instructional style for your student with a disability. Accessibility Services staff will work with you and your student to find what information could be helpful to share for the purpose of creating an accommodating classroom. Working with Accessibility Services in these instances can be helpful, as it will allow the student to maintain confidentiality and support and will allow you to gain more support and specific instructional strategies.

How does Accessibility Services work with other student services at Student Central? (eg. Centre for Student Success, Academic Advising, Counselling, etc)

Accessibility Services is one of many services at Student Central. As part of the Student Central team, we share information on service delivery, new programs or resources that may be applicable to other departments. Due to our ethical obligation to protect our students’ confidentiality, we do not share information on specific students or work together with other departments in supporting students unless requested by the student. In this instance, written consent is received from the student and collaborative work is maintained. If you feel that a student who is accessing Accessibility Services could benefit from a referral to an additional campus resource, do not hesitate to speak with the student about your concerns and make the referral.

My student has an exam accommodation, what do I need to do?

Your student will approach you with a “Request to Write” Form from the Centre for Student Success, indicating a date they would like to write the test. If the date is appropriate, you will need to go down to the Centre for Student Success , complete the “Exam Testing Instructions Sheet” and provide the Centre for Student Success with exam material. The exam will be invigilated by the Centre for Student Success staff as per your instructions and the exam will be returned to you for marking after the student has completed the test. The Centre for Student Success maintains confidentiality of testing materials.

For more information feel free to contact us at extension 5838 or (250) 561-5838.


Accessibility Services is located in room 1-753 on the main floor of the Prince George campus (past Admissions).


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday - 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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