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Are you looking for help with your studies?

The Centre for Student Success (CSS) is open all year to provide you with access to assistance and information to help you become a successful college student.

We are located at the Prince George campus in Student Central, main floor - Room 1-725.

For services at other CNC Campuses, please link to the specific campus above to contact the campus directly.

We look forward to working with you!


Hours of Operation




Monday to Thursday

9:00am to 4:00pm


9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Unless otherwise posted

Request to Write CNC's admissions test at another location

Complete this form in full, and arrangements will be made to send the testing material to the invigilator. There is a $15.00 fee for this test.

Invigilation Services Request - Request to write an external exam at the Centre for Student Success

The Centre for Student Success is where you can arrange to write external exams. Our Centre is an authorized test centre, providing you with a comfortable environment for both on-line and paper based testing. Until March 31, the testing fee is $30 plus GST (payable at Admissions or at Financial Services) to have your exam invigilated at CNC. Please note: limited services available during peak times, such as posted CNC exam times, and limited hours available in the summer months.

Support Services Available

  • Tutoring
  • Academic seminars
  • Writing skills for essays
  • Computers
  • A quiet place to study
  • Pearson-Vue
  • CNC (and other) test-writing 


We have tutoring available to provide you with assistance with reading, writing, math, and study skills.  If you have a specific subject you would like help with, please let the Coordinator know and we will do our best to assist you.

Appointments for tutoring can be made by phoning the Centre at 250-562-2131 Ext. 5837 or by emailing 

 Academic Seminars

The Centre for Student Success offers a rotating set of academic seminars during lunch hour between September and April, as well as specialized seminars for individual student groups.  Seminars are free of charge and open to all registered CNC students.  Please pre-register prior to the seminar by emailing or contacting us

Seminar themes offered by the Centre ... let us know which areas are of interest to you!


  • Effective reading
  • Textbook reading
  • Lecture notetaking
  • Taking notes
  • Memory strategies
  • Exam preparation
  • Short answer/multiple choice techniques
  • Essay questions on an exam
  • Test anxiety
  • Turn bad stress into good
  • Punctuation
  • Effective writing tips
  • Research paper writing
  • Writing a final paper
  • Revising, proofreading and editing your paper
CNC students who have attended said:-

"Awesome presentation helped me understand what I was reading"

"It showed me how to read with a technique called SQ3R"

"I learned techniques for different types of test questions"

"I received advice on how to better retain information for the future"

"I learnt how Survey and Question prepared the brain to learn - WOW!"

 Writing Skills for Essays

Are you tired of pulling your hair out trying to get onto paper what you want to say? The Centre for Student Success can help you work through writer's block and other obstacles to get the best onto paper.

Essay writing can be difficult for many students. CNC students can bring their essays and essay assignments to the Centre for Student Success and one of our instructors can assist you with:- 

  • How to brainstorm to create a firm foundation for your essay
  • How to write clear thesis statements
  • How to have a clear introduction and conclusion to your essay
  • How to ensure your essay has correct grammar
  • How to arrange a bibliography in APA, MLA or Chicago style
  • How to incorporate research into your essay
 CNC students who have used these services said:

"As an international student, it is good to go over my outline for an essay to make sure my ideas are clear for the English Prof. This critique helped me in this way."

"I've never had above a "C" for an essay. With your help I got an A-...Woohoo!!"

"The instructor gave me sufficient time to work through my essay. The instructor's grammatical knowledge is amazing. She's very personable and optimistic."

"She helped me to produce appropriate transitions and word choices." 


The Centre for Student Success has computers that students can use. You will need a CNC computer account in order to access Microsoft Office software.

Students who plan on printing multiple pages need to supply their own paper.

 Quiet Study Area

Need a quiet place to study?

The Centre for Student Success has a quiet area where small groups or individuals can study or work together. Please sign in at the Reception Desk, and you are welcome to find a place to get to work.

 Pearson Vue Testing

 As a Pearson Vue testing Centre, CNC's Centre for Student Success offers on-line testing for students requiring this service. Our Centre for Student Success provides you with a secure and high quality experience that is dependable and deliverable around the world. All arrangements for testing, information etc must be directed through Pearson Vu directly. To locate a Customer Service rep for your Pearson Vue test, visit


 CNC (and other) Testing

The Centre for Student Success is where you may come to take admissions testing. This includes assessments in English or Math, depending on the program you have been accepted to, or the program you are applying to register. 

Arrangements can also be made with other community colleges, high schools or testing agencies for you to take tests at CSS as well.

Please Note: testing during CNC Posted Exam times (end of semester) will be excluded. We will be pleased to accommodate all requests during regular class times.


The Centre for Student Success is also where we also administer external exams from other institiutions, associations or organizations. There is a external testing fee of $30 plus GST (until March 31, 2014) administered for these types of exams. The fee is payable at Admissions and proof of payment with the receipt is required prior to the test being administered. To book your test, link to this form: Request to write an external exam