Aboriginal Resource Centre

Services for Aboriginal students

The ARC works with the entire College community to support them in becoming more aware of Aboriginal issues. ARC staff provide cross-cultural workshops, liaison with Aboriginal communities & organizations, and recommend various Aboriginal resource people. We also provide services and facilities to help Aboriginal students throughout their studies at CNC.


  • Tutoring
  • Financial advice
  • Liaison with band, faculty, and other
  • Academic advising & career planning
  • Advice on support services at CNC & in Prince George


  • Computer lab with a printer
  • Telephone for local calls
  • Quiet study room
  • Private tutoring room
  • Kitchenette
  • Coffee club
  • Craft supplies and monthly crafting activities
  • Monthly potlucks

In addition, ARC provides a drop-in study centre for Aboriginal students and supports the activities of the Dream Hunters Aboriginal Student Club at CNC. The Staff at ARC provides moral support, encouragement and “a friendly listening post” to Aboriginal students whenever possible.

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Monday - Friday
8 AM - 4 PM

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Together we can raise awareness of Aboriginal issues and promote a new relationship of cooperation and a sharing of knowledge.our vision