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Taking your Student Readiness Assessment

The Student Readiness Assessment (SRA) assesses your proficiency in English and/or Math. Completion of the SRA may be a mandatory part of the application process, or part of the selection process. If this is the case, the College will provide you with information about upcoming SRA test dates. Please note that the SRA may only be taken once every six months.

In order to write the test, you must have a current CNC student number and have applied for a CNC course or program. You are also required to pay the testing fee of $15.30, prior to your test date.

If you live in Prince George, Burns Lake, Fort St. James, Mackenzie, Quesnel or Vanderhoof, you may register at the CNC Office of the Registrar in your community. If you do not live near a regional campus, you may arrange to write the test at your local high school or community college by filling out the request form below:

Testing & Tutoring Services will email the testing instructions to the school/proctor you have identified.

A suitable proctor is someone who works full time in an academic or administrative role at a college, university, high school or public library. Students and proctors cannot be related in any way, nor live at the same address. You may not use an employer, coach, friend or business associate as a proctor. CNC reserves the right to refuse any proctor who it deems to be inappropriate.

What's on my Admissions Test?

Once you know which tests are required for your chosen program, check out the sample questions below:

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Testing & Tutoring Services is located on the main floor of the Prince George Campus (room 1-725).

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