Testing & Tutoring Services

Frequently asked questions

Can I use an electronic device during my test?

You are not allowed the use of any electronic devices during testing unless specified by your instructor (eg. use of a calculator). Prohibited electronic devices include, but are not limited to, smart phones, tablets, cell phones, blue tooth devices, digital cameras/camcorders and watches, or any device capable of recording or creating a digital image, etc.

How can I book an appointment with a tutor?

You can book an appointment in person at Testing & Tutoring Services, or you can reach us by phone or email.

How long is each tutoring session?

Appointments are generally scheduled for 30 minutes.

I need to take Math 155 / English 155. Where can I get more information?

You can get additional information about these courses from Testing & Tutoring Services or Counselling and Advising.

Where do I write the Student Readiness Assessment and how much does it cost?

Please see the admissions testing page for more information.

How much does tutoring in Testing & Tutoring Services cost?

Appointments with tutors in Testing & Tutoring Services are free to currently registered CNC students.

Does Testing & Tutoring Services have any handouts I can use for studying/writing/etc.?

Testing and Tutoring Services has a variety of handouts available. Please ask the staff.

I need some counselling/academic advice; can I receive this at Testing & Tutoring Services?

Testing & Tutoring Services does not provide give academic advice or provide counselling. For these services, please see Academic Advising and/or Counselling.


Testing & Tutoring Services is located on the main floor of the Prince George Campus (room 1-725).

  • tts@cnc.bc.ca
  • 1 (800) 371-8111 ext.5837
  • (250) 561-5837
  • (250) 561-5883


Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:00 pm