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CNC Awards program is OPEN! Use the Apply Now button on the right. Next closing date midnight April 30, 2019. Keep checking the site as more awards could be added. Good Luck!

Frequently asked questions


Where can I find CNC's student awards?

Students must apply for CNC awards online. Use your CNC Computer Account information. Read the Disclaimer and Waiver, click Agree/Proceed and complete the Student Information. Once uploaded, all of the awards that you are eligible to apply for will load (depending on your courses/program – registration must be in both Fall & Spring semester or for trades, registration in the current program). Review each criteria, some are bursaries which require an expense and income form; some require an essay or other documentation (create, save, browse, locate and upload). Once submitted, the award name will appear in yellow highlight which is confirmation the application has been successfully uploaded.

When are applications for student awards due?

Majority close December 31st however, there are many others (including Trades, Regional awards etc) that close in February, April or June – please refer to the criteria of each specific award.  Students:  keep checking your awards listing - new awards are added throughout the cycle. Make sure you don't miss an opportunity to apply for newly posted awards!

CNC Awards program opens in early October. Check back then to apply online.

If I am a successful candidate, when are student awards given out?

Depending on the closing date of the award(s), majority are distributed in early spring (or later).

Can I apply for student awards if I already have financial assistance?

Yes, there are various ways that students receive sponsorship or assistance and you are still eligible to apply for awards. Make sure that you include the amount of sponsorship or funding (including any other scholarships or awards for your program) you are receiving in your bursary application income section.

If I am successful, do I have to write a thank you letter to the donor?

Yes, before you can receive your award, all students are required to write an appropriate thank you letter to the award donor(s) and submit to the college (Prince George or other campuses) before funds will be released. Successful recipients will be advised the name of the donor for the thank you letter.

Donor thank you letters - Tips

Make sure the letter is free of both grammatical and spelling errors.  Your letter is a reflection of you and the College of New Caledonia.

  • Construct the letter clearly and concisely
  • Double-check for typos and grammatical errors
  • Express enthusiasm
  • Be sincere
  • Typewritten in business format
  • Use quality paper

Donors are extremely important to CNC – they are generous and thoughtful people who have given unselfishly to support our students in achieving their educational goals. Your thank you letter reminds them why they gave and is an important element of securing their continuing gifts for other students. Please do not plagiarize sample donor letters available from various websites.

What types of awards do CNC donors provide?

Our generous donors provide;

  • Endowments – a significant amount of money is donated to the college that accrues annual interest that is sufficient to cover the face value of their award(s).
  • Non-Endowments or annual awards – the donor is requested to provide on an annual basis, a cash donation for the face value of their award.


Where can I apply for a student loan?

Visit StudentAidBC for information on student loans and assistance. To apply for a Full-Time loan, click the green box “Login/Register to apply” and follow the prompts.

Do I have to qualify as a BC resident to apply for BC government student loans?

Students with BC residence status would apply for BC government student loans online. Students from different provinces should contact their province of residence or federal and provincial loan providers. See the National Student Loan Service Centre website.

How do I stop repayment on my student loan while in school.

Apply for Interest Free status:

  • If you applied for a student loan in the current semester – your Full-Time application if approved, will automatically stop the monthly payments due on your previous loan.
  • If you are a student attending full-time studies and not applying for a Full-Time Student Aid loan in your current semester;
    1. Log into your SABC account
    2. Click Interest Free Status application
    3. Complete and submit online

*Part-time student loan applications do not qualify to put your loan repayment on Interest Free status.

When do I get my money from Student Aid BC?

If all of the important documents have been processed by StudentAid BC (Declaration signed and submitted, Master student financial assistance agreement signed, submitted) and CNC has received the notification to confirm your enrolment in an eligible, full-time post-secondary program; your funds will be deposited electronically into the bank account you have specified, (CNC does not take any of your funding money). The deposit usually occurs within seven business days of the confirmation of enrolment date.

How do I ask for an appeal?

If you do not agree with the decision on your assessment, you can ask for an appeal or reassessment. It can take up to six (6) weeks to process an appeal request.

After your situation is reviewed, you will be sent a letter outlining the decision. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a review by an independent appeal committee.

Deadlines - Overawards: 90 days after the date of the letter from StudentAid BC advising you of the overaward amounts you must repay.

All other appeals: six weeks before your current study period ends.

As an aboriginal student, who should I contact for funding and CNC awards?

As well as accessing all of the services through Student Central – Financial Aid & Awards, you can also contact the CNC Aboriginal Resource Centre.

I have applied for a student loan, but I won't receive it in time for tuition deadline

Once you receive your Notice of Assessment from StudentAidBC, call the Financial Aid & Awards office in Prince George (250-561-5838) or email ( with your student loan application number and CNC student number. You may be eligible for a fee deferral which will delay the tuition due date to the end of the first month of the current semester. 

I am late applying for a student loan, or I don't plan to apply for one

If you are late in applying for a student loan, prefer not to apply for a loan, or it is after the deadline date for a seat deposit but need help, you can make an application for a CNC Payment Plan with the Financial Services department. Request an information package outlining the payment plan process including the eligibility criteria and to book an appointment with Financial Services.

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Financial Aid & Awards is located on the main floor of the Prince George campus (past Admissions).


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday - 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM