Frequently Asked Questions

How does the on-line application process work?

The on-line application system is located on the College of New Caledonia’s Jobs and Careers website. You will need to create a personal account in order to apply to our posted competitions.  All required fields/questions must be completed upon your initial application.  After you have completed each field/question once, you will not need to do so again unless you want to update the current information or to insert additional required documents. 

Can I submit my application on-line multiple times?

No. An applicant can only submit their application once. Please always remember to review all information and documents to ensure the information are correct prior to submission.

  • Once an applicant submits their application a revised application will no longer be accepted.
  • Once an applicant withdraw their application they will be unable to re-apply.  
Can I submit my application and resume in person, by fax or by e-mails?

For all ‘posted’ competitions, you are required to submit your application and required documents online using our Jobs and Careers website

If you are interested in casual/on-call work that is not posted, a Casual Application form and resume will be accepted in person, by fax or e-mail sent to

The Casual Application form is located on our Jobs and Careers websiteand must be completed and attached with your submission.

Do I need to submit a resume along with my on-line application?

Yes. In order to thoroughly assess your application, we require a resume outlining your skills, past work experience, and education.

The resume must be in either MS Word (.doc, .docx), or MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx), or MS Text (.rtf, .rtx, .txt), or image files (.tiff, .tif, .jpeg, .jpe, .jpg, .png). If your document is not in one of these formats, please convert it to a PDF before uploading it. Encrypted or password-protected documents are not supported.

What else should I submit with my application?

Each job competition will provide a list of any additional documents that will be accepted or required.

How do I know if my on-line application was received?

When you certify and submit your application you will be given a confirmation code. This code will be referenced in the automated e-mail confirming that your on-line submission was received.

If you did not receive this e-mail please check your SPAM folder, in the event that your confirmation email was filtered there. If the automated response is not in your SPAM folder you have either entered an incorrect e-mail address or you have not certified and submitted your application.

How can I be notified about new job opportunities?

All available jobs are posted on the College of New Caledonia Jobs and Careers website and we encourage you to visit this site often for new job opportunities.

What types of positions are posted?

Posted positions include Administrative (exempt/excluded), Operational and Faculty. We also offer a variety of position types including casual , seasonal, part time, or full time work. This information will be clearly stated on the individual posting.

How often do the postings change?

Job postings are updated as vacant positions become available and as positions are either filled and/or closed. If a competition is still posted but the ‘screening date’ has passed, it signifies the position is still vacant and we encourage all applicants to apply.

How long is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process lasts from one week to several months, depending on the complexity of the position. Only those applicants who have been short listed will be contacted for interviews. We thank you, in advance, for your interest and patience.

Will my application be considered if I submit it after the ‘closing’ or ‘screening’ date?

As long as a posting is up on our Jobs and Careers websitethe College encourages all applicants to apply.

All submissions will be considered up to the advertised screening date. Any applications submitted after the screening date may be considered until the position is filled.

I have all the required qualifications, why wasn't I short listed?

Our applicant pools are usually quite strong. Not all applicants who meet the minimum required qualifications will be short listed. Only short listed applicants will be contacted for interviews.

Do you accept out-of-province or out-of-country applications?

Yes. However, the College of New Caledonia will only consider applicants who are legally entitled to work in Canada .

Do you do any testing of job applicants?

Yes. As part of our selection process we often include testing on either computer skills and/or job-related applicable knowledge for specific positions.

Please Note: If you misrepresent yourself or your qualifications, knowingly withhold information or are deceitful or dishonest at any stage in the process, your application will be withdrawn from consideration.

If you have additional questions please e-mail