Joint Early Intervention Program 2013

Information Bulletin

The parties to the Support Staff 2010-2014 Compensation Template Table agreed to develop, implement and support a Joint Early Intervention Program (JEIP).

The Program

The JEIP is a completely confidential program that is fully supported by your Institution and Union and provides a proactive service that facilitates a return to work in a caring, safe, and timely manner. Manulife Financial, through the Abilities Management Access Program (AMA), is the provider for our JEIP.

The JEIP can be used to:

  • Facilitate appropriate and customized return-to-work programs for employees with occupational and non-occupational disabilities
  • Reduce short-term absences due to disability from becoming long-term absences
  • Prevent feelings of isolation
  • Assist the employee to:
    • Re-establish a sense of control
    • Obtain appropriate health and rehabilitation services
    • Avoid “run around” from health professionals
    • Have a successful outcome

The JEIP provides services such as:

  • Absence assessment: Identify the anticipated duration of the absence and make recommendations for a safe and timely return to work, suggesting whether modified or restricted work is possible.
  • Case management intervention: Provide a proactive support system focused on an early and safe return to work.
  • Treatment facilitation: Offer options for treatment and make appropriate referrals to a medical specialist. For example, in some cases it makes sense to utilize private surgical facilities rather than having an individual wait 8-12 months for a surgery date. At this time, the types of surgeries offered through these private clinics are limited, but they are considered through the JEIP where appropriate. Accessing these clinics is done by the provider in conjunction with the employee and the treating physicians.
  • Return to work facilitation: Support the transition back to work by suggesting solutions such as modified duties/hours, before resuming full-time hours.

The JEIP program is designed to complement the existing disability plans by facilitating a customized service for employees absent from work and to effectively assist in a return to work in a safe and timely manner.

The Process

Our Joint Rehabilitation Committee (JRC) is comprised of equal representation from both the Union and the Employer.

When you have been absent from work for 5 consecutive working days or there has been a pattern(s) of absenteeism from work, a member of the JRC at your institution will contact you. If it is determined that you will not be returning to work in the immediate future (2-3 days), the JRC will initiate the intake process.

The JRC will advise the AMA Case Manager that you have been referred to the AMA program. You will be provided with an Employee Declaration form to complete and submit to the AMA, along with an Attending Physician’s Statement that you will be required to take to your doctor for completion.

Once the AMA Case Manager receives the completed forms, they will contact you within 24 hours to conduct a telephone interview. A separate telephone interview will be conducted with the JRC representatives.

When the AMA intake process is completed, the AMA Case Manager will be better able to assess your situation. Their objective is to ensure you are receiving the best medical care and when appropriate, the JRC and AMA Case Manager will coordinate a rehabilitation plan that will assist you in returning to work in a safe and supported manner.

The AMA Case Manager will remain in contact with you until your successful return to work or should your illness or injury result in a longer absence; the AMA Case Manager will assist you with the process of applying for disability benefits.

Important Items to Note

  • Manulife Financial is an independent service provider that is bound by strict confidentiality requirements
  • Information provided to the AMA program will NOT be shared with your Employer or with the Union, unless you authorize it
  • As part of the JEIP, all support staff members are required to participate in the JEIP program when referred and to cooperate with the AMA Case Manager and their associates. This also applies to employees who are in receipt of WorkSafe BC or STD/sick leave benefits.