Performance and Development Planning  

The College has established a Performance and Development Plan (PDP) that provides a process for employee planning and reviews on an annual basis and sets the foundation for achieving and acknowledging excellence. The value of the PDP is in the process of ongoing communication, which occurs between supervisor and employee throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the College. The process includes clarifying expectations, identifying goals, setting objectives, providing feedback, and evaluating results.

CNC Competencies 

The PDP uses competencies and proficiency levels to focus on behaviours and actions that support the achievement of goals. There are six standard competencies all CNC Administrators must be evaluated against and additional competencies that can be selected for optional evaluation if appropriate for the position. More information on competencies and proficiency levels can be found in the CNC Competencies Dictionary. 

Learning and Professional Development

The last section of the PDP document focusses on annual and ongoing professional development to ensure employees have the skills to succeed both in their present position and in future opportunities.   

PDP Annual Cycle 

The PDP cycle is comprised of three phases:   

Phase I – Planning: June – July
Phase II – Monitoring and Updating: August – May 
Phase III – Summary and Assessment: May – June

Annual PDP Timeline


CNC Administrative Employee PDP Guide and Competencies Dictionary

CNC Administrative Employee PDP Template

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