Respectful Workplace

On November 1, 2013 Bill 14 was passed and the Workers Compensation Act within this Bill was modified. This change directly affected the WorkSafeBC rules on preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Employers are now required to take all ‘reasonable steps’ to ensure the health and safety of their employees as it relates to bullying and harassment. To achieve this the College of New Caledonia is committed to providing a working and learning environment that allows for full and free participation of all members of the institutional community.

Both WorkSafeBC and the Collective Agreement language have provided a foundation for the College to incorporate mandatory training to promote a ‘Respectful Workplace.’ To ensure compliance the College has entered into an agreement with Frame and Associates Consulting Inc. to provide CNC with web-based training. Both the administrative and employee versions of the on-line training packages are available and you will need your employee number in order to complete this training.

Respectful Workplace: Anti-Harassment Training Instructions

This training is mandatory and you can access the on-line Frame & Associates training site using the following link:

Note: You will need your 'employee' number in order to complete this training. Please contact the Human Resources Department, at local 5828, if you do not have this number.


Below are instructions regarding how to access this web-based training.

  1. The USERNAME is: cnctraining
  2. The PASSWORD is: respect2 (please note the password is case sensitive)
  3. Enter your ‘Log In Information’ & click ‘Continue’
  4. Choose the appropriate course package (i.e. Employee vs. Manager)
  5. Indicate your agreement to the website’s Terms of Use & click ‘Continue’
  6. The course should load automatically. If not please press the ‘click here’ option.

You can also access CNC’s Respectful Workplace Policy, Procedures and Formal Complaint form using the following link:

If there are any questions relating to the administrative responsibilities in the mandatory training or policy, please contact Fred Alaggia, Executive Director, Human Resources