Logging in to CNC Connect

"What are the browser requirements for using CNC Connect?"

For Windows users: Internet Explorer 7 and Java Runtime 1.5+.

"What is my ID (username)?"

Go to the CNCconnect page and Click on "What's My User ID?" which is in the upper right hand corner.

On the "What's My User ID" screen type in your "Last Name" and your "Student (or employee) Number" and click on submit. Your Username/User ID appears. The default password for CNC Connect is your birth date in the format of DDMmmYYYY(13Sep1985).

"What is my password?"

Go to www.cnc.bc.ca/cncconnect and click “Log In”.

  1. Try using your username and birthday in the format DDMmmYYYY(13Sep1985) as the password.
  2. If it works (you log in), click “Change Password” and change your password. You will now have access to all CNC Systems with that username and password.
"I forgot my password. How can I reset it?"

On the upper right hand corner of the CNC Connect webpage click on "What is my password?"

On the next page, click on "reset my password". A screen comes up asking for you to enter your Last Name and your 7 digit student number leading with zeros, then click "submit". The next screen says "send my temporary password to this e-mail address". Click on the down arrow to see if it is your CURRENT e-mail address. If it is, just click "submit" and your will receive your new temporary password within one hour. If there is no e-mail address listed there, OR it is the wrong e-mail address, you will have to go to the Admissions Department and have them reset your password, or email them at cncconnect@cnc.bc.ca.

"Why do I get a "Page Not Found" error when I try to access CNC Connect?"

www.cnc.bc.ca/cncconnect can be used to check your grades, search for classes, view your history and much more. It operates on port 3443, which can sometimes be blocked by some businesses. If you are having trouble accessing CNC Connect from your workplace try using your home computer, a public computer, or ask your Network Administrator to allow traffic on port 3443.

"What if my CNC Connect password has been reset but I still can not get into CNC Connect?"

Some areas you can check are "clear cache" in your internet browser settings and check for "spyware" on your computer. Also check your "Internet Settings" as you might have inadvertently had your password saved on your computer and this will not allow any password changes to override this. To check your internet settings, go to the Internet Settings page and follow the instructions there.

"Why do I need a computer account?"

To access any computer at CNC, you will need a computer account.

"How do I apply for a computer account?"

Your computer account is included in your Tuition fees. Wait a couple of days and then get your username and password as described on our SSO page.

"How do I change my password on Windows XP?"

Follow the instructions here.

"I still cannot log on to my CNC Connectaccount, what should I do?"

If you are having problems logging on to CNC Connect please e-mail cncconnect@cnc.bc.ca or contact Admissions & Registration Department for help.

"I can not logon to my Moodle account, what should I do?"

If you are having problems logging on to Moodle please contact your instructor or e-mail iltr@cnc.bc.ca and they will correct your problem.