Welcome to CNC

CNC graduates are recognized in their chosen fields because our instructors focus on preparing students for personal success and continued learning. CNC alumni are innovative leaders in many professional fields, and CNC is proud of each one!

Full Range Benefits, CNC Style!

Established in 1969, CNC is an accredited public college offering Certificate, Diploma, Post Diploma and Associate Degree programs--or pursue University Transfer courses at a lower cost than larger institutions. Our faculty provide interactive classroom atmospheres by bringing current industry experience to the classroom. Students learn about 'real' world employment and work scenarios, and benefit from a profession-based teaching style.

Advantages to Starting your  Education at CNC

  • small class sizes, extensive program choices, affordable tuition
  • diverse student population
  • great entertainment venues, and group student outings
  • access to the tools you need to achieve your goals
  • an academic advisor dedicated to international student needs and concerns--individualized support when planning education and career paths

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