The College of New Caledonia works in collaboration with a network of professional authorized agents from a variety of countries to assist prospective students with their study plans and preparations. From time to time we accept new applications. If you are interested in becoming an official representative please email your request, along with your company profile, to If we are accepting new agents from your area we will send you an application form. Please note that student applications received from non-authorized representatives may not be accepted. 

They go through a thorough application process and receive ongoing training from CNC. If you have feedback you would like to submit on one of our agents, please fill out the attached form.

Please submit your completed form to International Department (in-person) or email it to Anne Harris at You will receive a response from CNC staff within ten days.

Recruitment Representatives

Agent Area Agent Name Email
Latin American and Mexico Rene Atehortua
India and Middle East Karuna Ausman or
Arvinder Billing or
Korea Jessica Cho
Vietnam Phung Lam

All other regions – contact

Contact International Education

Room 1-785

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