CNC Customized ESL Programs - 4 weeks

CNC Customized ESL Programs are non-credit programs allowing visiting students to improve their English skills through experiential learning and immersion in a real Canadian academic environment and to explore the culture of beautiful Northern British Columbia. These programs will allow students to gain practical skills and cross-cultural awareness in a fun and integrated learning environment.

These programs include three components:

  1. English Classes
  2. ESL Conversational Time and Leadership/Recreational activities
  3. Introduction to:
    • A. Engineering Program provides visiting students the chance to explore specifics of the Canadian engineering sectors and gain knowledge of the Canadian workplace environment.
    • B. Health Sciences Program will expose students to the Canadian Health Care system approaches to individual and community health, health promotion and professional ethics.
    • C. Leadership Program offers visiting students the opportunity to improve their communication and leadership skills by getting involved in planning and organizing various activities at CNC campus and surrounding area.
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For more information, please contact Romana Pasca, International Project Planner

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