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At the College of New Caledonia students come from all over the world to study. 

Here are some of the reasons students choose to study at CNC: 

  • Small class sizes ranging from 16-37 students
  • Campus is conveniently located within walking distance of restaurants, malls, groceries and entertainment 
  • Programs offering practical, hands-on experience
  • Modern facility with full range of supports and services to add to your educational experience
  • Professional faculty with years of academic and industry experience
  • Affordable tuition (Students can take the same course offered at a university for a fraction of the cost) 
  • Short commute to Vancouver by plane - only 1 hour! 

CNC is located in the vibrant, diverse and active community of Prince George. There is always something fun to do in all four seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! 

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