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Active students are happy, healthy students, and a balanced college life means a mix of study and recreation. We encourage students to meet new friends and have fun. International Education supports and organizes many activities each term, from Lunar New Year to Diwali, Black History Month to the ColdSnap Winter Festival, we promote good memories and cultural interaction.

We celebrate International Education week every year with variety of cultural showcases and entertainment.


Campus Life

Student Services & Facilities to ensure you have the best possible experience:

Admissions assists you with course registration, entrance testing, fee payment, CNC ID card, applications, ordering transcripts and more.
Centre for Student Success
Open all year long the Centre for Student Success is here for your success. You have access to a quiet studying environment, tutoring, internal and external exams, study skills and materials.
CNC cafeteria offers a full service salad bar complete with fresh baked goods, hot soup, esspresso bar and smoothies. There will be no more boring meals when CNC Culinary Arts students get cooking for you.
CNC Bookstore
Your one-stop shop for all your CNC branded swag and books. The CNC Bookstore also carries a wide variety of gifts, snacks, refreshments and supplies to help you get your work done.
Computer Labs
IBM and MAC labs are student friendly - open early and closing late.
Counseling Services
Maintaining your mental health is a very important part of your success. The Counseling department at CNC is here to help you reach your goals for your personal well-being.
Academic Advising
It can be difficult to navigate a clear path with all the different courses, transfer credits, deadlines, program requirements, scheduling and upgrading you might need. The Academic Advisors are here to make a plan that works for you.
Kodiaks Restaurant
The Kodiaks Restaurant is run by students in the Professional Cook program. You can enjoy gourmet dining on campus!
The library offers a quiet study space as well as a resource centre.
Health & Wellness
Students will find the medical care they need at the Health and Wellness Centre.
Students' Union
Your Students' Union provides many services, including photocopying, discount travel cards, locker rentals, and help finding a place to live. You can get involved as a volunteer, meet new people and help make a difference.

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