Homestay for International Students


Want to quickly improve your English and immerse yourself into Canadian culture? Then the Homestay program is for you! Our carefully selected host families guide and support you as you learn about your new community and help you connect to local experiences. Enjoy your own private bedroom and home cooked meals in a caring, family environment.

Your host family will welcome you upon arrival at the airport and will work to familiarize you with your new home, the local community and planning of your transportation needs.
Rent and Fees
The Homestay Placement fee is $200. Rent is paid directly by the student to the host family on the first of the month at the rate of $700 a month. If the student arrives before the first of the month, the rent will be prorated from the date of arrival. (Average $23.50 per day.)

A $700 damage deposit to the college is also payable in advance. This will be refunded when the student leaves, provided all bills and  expenses are paid, proper notice has been given, no damage has been caused to the home and the student fulfilled the 4 month contract. All fees are subject to change.

Moving Out
One month's notice is required before a student can move out of their homestay placement. For example: If the student wants to move out April 30th, the student is required to inform the host family before April 1st. A written note to the host family is recommended.
Three meals a day are provided. Often food is available for students to make their own breakfast and lunch. Dinner is usually a hot meal shared with the family.
The student's privacy is valued in our homestay program. Each student will get his/her own bedroom complete with a bed, dresser, desk (or table), chair and lamp. Your Homestay Coordinator checks each homestay to ensure cleanliness and friendliness of each host family.
Homestay Coordinator
Our Homestay Coordinator personally inspects each home and interviews each family to guarantee a safe, clean and comfortable homestay environment for every student. No more than three students are accommodated by a single host family unless requested by the student.

The Homestay Coordinator helps each student prepare for their homestay before they leave their country and will stay in close contact with the student for the duration of their stay.

They are also available to support the student with any concerns regarding the homestay.

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