Tuition & Fees

CNC requires a tuition deposit be paid PRIOR to issuing a Letter of Acceptance (LOA). Depending on your program and course selection(s), your tuition deposit may not cover the entirety of your first term's costs. If your tuition deposit is greater than your tuition costs, the over-payment will be carried forward to your next term's tuition.

Tuition and Registration Fees*
  • Registration fees are $350.00 per term
  • Covers ancillary registration & student union fees INCLUDING bus pass
English Language Training (ESL) Program
Academic Upgrading Program
  • $1,560.00 per course, plus registration fee, per term
University Transfer and Other Programs
  • $1,195.00 per each 3 credit course
Lab Fees
  • $160.00 per lab
Specialized and Post Diploma Programs
  • Please contact the International Education department

Foundation Level Trades (spanning 2 semesters)
$398.32per weekplus applicable Materials Fee
plus International Education Ancillary Fee $700.00

Apprentice Level Trades (spanning 2 semesters)
$393.32per week plus applicable Materials Fee per level
plus International Education Ancillary Fee (2 months $250; 3 months $300)

Application Process and Application Fee

A $125 non-refundable application fee should be sent with your application to CNC. International students must submit an International Student Application Form. You may apply online and once your application fee, a copy of your passport and transcripts are received, your application will be processed and you will receive a Letter of Offer (LOO). Once you receive your LOO, arrange to pay your tuition deposit. If you are applying for ESL, your Tuition Deposit will automatically include Homestay App & Deposit costs, and interim medical coverage fees.

Accommodation & Other Fees*

Homestay Accommodation

Stay with a Canadian family!

  • A four-month contract between the family and the student.
  • $200 non-refundable application fee
  • $700 refundable damage deposit (intended to cover costs of any damages incurred by the student. Students forfeit this deposit if they move from homestay before the end of their 4-month duration contract.)
  • $700 Per-month for home-stay rent.

CNC Student Residence
Stay in our comfortable residences right on campus!

Medical Insurance

All students enrolled at CNC must have medical insurance for their entire duration of study. By law, all BC Residents (including international students) are required to enroll themselves and their dependents in BC's Medical Services Plan (MSP). A three month waiting period is required before coverage takes effect. To bridge this gap, temporary medical insurance is provided through Canada. This Coverage is automatic, mandatory and the fee is included with tuition and other fees that are paid before the first semester of study.


Sending Wire Transfers
Wire transfer details are provided on Pg.3 of your Letter of Offer (LOO). For more information, please contact us.

Refund Policy

  • Application fees are NOT refundable
  • International applicants are eligible for a refund ONLY if they are denied a Student VISA. Proper documentation MUST be provided with refund request
  • Monies received by CNC are NOT transferrable to any other institution of higher learning
  • Students who arrive in Canada with a VISA secured through CNC, but who “Fail To Appear” for classes at our College, WILL BE reported to Immigration Canada as MISSING
  • Applicants whose request for a Student Visa is declined will receive a full refund on tuition deposits paid, less a $250 administration fee
  • Contact the International Education office at CNC for a refund request form if your Visa application has been denied

*Fees are subject to change without notice. Fees are determined at the time of course registration, upon arrival of your first semester.

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