Getting started at CNC (PG Campus)

Starting out at CNC is exciting, and there's lots to learn. This information will help set you up to succeed.

How do I access my schedule?

You can use CNC Connect to view your schedule.

  1. Click on CNC Connect
  2. If this is your first time using Connect, click the I'm New to CNCConnect link and follow the instructions
  3. Log in
  4. Look under Menu and select Students
  5. Under Academic Profile, click My class schedule
  6. Choose your current term and hit SUBMIT
How do I find my class room?

Your class rooms will be listed on your schedule. For the Prince George and Quesnel campuses, you can use the Roomfinder to locate your classroom on a map.

Note: The main campus in Prince George is known as the "Vanderhoof Building," not to be confused with the campus in Vanderhoof.

How can I contact my instructor?

Look up your instructor's contact information using the CNC Contact List.

What books do I need?

You can find your books by using the Student Booklist tool.

Where do I buy books and supplies?

Visit the College Bookstore in room 1-715.

The bookstore also takes orders online.

If you are looking for used textbooks, students are often willing to sell them. Check the free classifieds at ESwap.

Where do I buy a parking pass?

You can buy parking passes from the Impark office in room 1-304B. For more information, check the Parking page.

Where do I get my student ID?

Visit the Admissions Office in room 1-738 and request a student ID card.

Where do I rent a locker?

The Students' Union handles Locker Rentals.

How do I get my library card?
Visit the library in room 2-724 and bring your Student ID.
Where do I get my U-Pass?

To get your U-Pass, visit the Student Council office in room 1-303 and bring your Student ID.

The U-Pass allows you free access to local bus routes, as well as The Four Seasons swimming pool and Aquatic Centre.

Where can I find a bus schedule, and where are the closest stops?

CNC is on a bus route with stops on campus, directly across from the residence building.

A bus pass is provided as part of the U-Pass.

Schedules are posted at the campus library and are available at the CNC Bookstore or online.

How do I log in to my CNC computer account?

Set up your account with CNC Connect, and you can use your Connect username and password to log in to computers on campus.

To get started, go to CNC Connect and select Account/Password Info in the upper right corner.

How do I access my CNC email?

You can access your email online after you set up your CNC computer account. On the CNC homepage, there's a link to Email under the Current Students heading. Log in using the username and password you set up in CNC Connect.

How can I access my U-Drive from home?

You can access your U-drive after setting up your CNC computer account. On the CNC homepage, there's a link to the U-Drive under the Current Students heading. Log in using the username and password you set up in CNC Connect.

What computers can I use, and where can I print?

There are several computers that can be used for research at the front of the library. You can print from them for a small fee.

At the back of the library, on the left side, there are two computer labs. These labs can be used by attending CNC students and allow free printing. Please check the schedule posted outside the labs to ensure they are not booked by a class.

Where is the gym, and when can I use it?

The gym is located on the first floor of the Prince George campus in room 1-514.

With your student ID, you have access to the Gym, Weight Room, Squash Court, Yoga, and the Bouldering Wall for free.

Book a time by visiting the gym office in room 1-508, or call 250-561-5803.

To see the Gym schedule, check the Recreation page.

Where can I find information about clubs?

The Students' Union offers information regarding clubs.

Where is the student lounge?

The Student Lounge is room 2-801 in the Technical Education Centre.

How do I apply for scholarships and bursaries?

For information about scholarships and bursaries, visit the Student Awards & Financial Assistance page.

Where do I go for non-urgent medical attention?

Visit the Nurse Practitioner office in room 1-460.

Where do I go if I feel stressed?

You are welcome to drop by the Health and Wellness Clinic at room 1-406 or the Advising Department at room 1-753

Prince George general

Here's information to help you settle in to the PG campus and surrounding area.

How do I find services outside of CNC?

The CNC campus and residence are located within walking distance of several restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centres.

College and Surroundings Map

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