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Welcome to the Purchasing Department's employee intranet. This site has been developed to provide you with general information relating to College Purchasing, Shipping & Receiving and Mailroom processes.

Please feel free to contact us if there are other items you think should be included.



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bullet FAQs (Purchasing, Shipping/Receiving & Mailroom)

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bullet Mail List - posted on the wall of the mail room  #1 - 342 or Contact mail room clerk at extension 5439 for hard cop


bullet Business Card Order Form


bullet Quick Tips for entering requisitions in Colleague

bullet Delegating approvals in Colleague


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Summary - CNC $ Commitment thresholds

·Up to 5K = can single source

    oPurchase order or PCARD  §Purchase order for services

·Between 5K and 15K = 3 quotes

    oThree quotes to purchasing or source through purchasing

    oPurchase order or PCARD  §Purchase order for services 

·Between 15K and 25K = 3 quotes

    oThree quotes to purchasing or source through purchasing

    oCommitment is to be made with Purchase order or through Purchasing.

·Above 25K = 3 quotes by purchasing

    oPurchasing posts to CNC purchasing web page, BC Bid, and sends to expanded bidder list

Note, Purchasing regularily posts items to BC bid from as low as 3K.  BC bid is the primary tool for competitive pricing request by CNC - Purchasing.

As such BC Bid is used on low as well as higher value purchase requests.


Guidelines for Government Travelers:  The following informational links are from the Purchasing Services branch of the BC Government and are intended as reference.


Employee Travel and Vehicle Rental:



BC accomodations search link:  

bullet Prov. Gov't Hotel locations and Accommodation rate search link