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The College of New Caledonia supports an applied research approach which is a process of discovering, interpreting, applying, and disseminating new knowledge and is directed toward the enhancement and support of College of New Caledonia programs, services, and learning environment.

CNC supports and encourages its staff to work by the philosophy outlined in its Mission Statement and Strategic Plan to continue on the path of lifelong learning, foster the development of a learning community, and provide enhanced learning opportunities.

Applied Research is a shared collaboration between innovation, internal grants and CNC Research Forest. There are two distinct classifications of grants within Applied Research; they are internal, offered through CNC and external, offered through government bodies such as NSERC, SSHRC & CIHR or through private sector partners.

For more information on Applied Research at CNC please refer to our Applied Research Management document and our Applied Research Strategic Plan.

What is the Office of Applied Research and Innovation?

The Office of Applied Research and Innovation (ARI) serves as the first point of contact for R&D services at CNC. ARI links CNC employees, industry and community partners, and funders to help college employees and students work with external partners to solve a wide range of important community and business needs.

What do we do?

ARI staff provide a wide range of services to CNC researchers and external partners, including the following:

  • Refer business and community partners to expertise within the college
  • Refer college researchers with external partners and collaborators
  • Identify funding opportunities for research and assist with grant writing
  • Research project design
  • Research funding administration and project management
  • Data and statistical analysis
  • Knowledge dissemination and technology transfer
  • Involving students in research

Are you a CNC employee interested in Applied Research?

Did you know that all CNC employees, including operational staff and faculty, are eligible to start a project through CNC's office of Applied Research and Innovation? Read more about how you can take part, or contact us directly at

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