Study Abroad Opportunities

Study Abroad opportunities are open to all students and, if indicated, community members; see each description for details.

CNC Natural Resources International Field School 2018

Team up with the College of New Caledonia and the Costa Rica Institute of Technology for an exciting 21⁄2 week trip to explore Costa Rica’s rainforests, tropical wildlife, beaches and thriving ecotourism industry. Learn Spanish, attend university lectures on Costa Rica’s ecosystem, snorkel coral reefs, zipline through the cloud forest and visit pristine national parks.

This field school experience is open to full-time CNC students enrolled in the NRFT program, Biology or Geography. Program subsidized by the CNC Forest Research Society.

Join us for an educational adventure of a lifetime!


  • Trip leader:Andrea Erwin, NRFT Instructor
  • Cost:Approx. $5,500 (including airfare)
  • Registration Deadline: January 19, 2018

For more information please contact Romana Pasca.

CNC SSWK International Practicum

SSWK Practicum pic

Earn credits for completing your practicum abroad!

This course allows you to reflect on the learning accomplished during classes while exploring the international context and social issues specific to other countries. Placement will be made with the approval of the SSWK Program Coordinator and will be facilitated by our partners — Project Abroad and Developing World Connections.


  • CostVaries, depending on the host country, host organization, length of stay, and time of year. Scholarships and bursaries are available for eligible CNC students.
  • Registration Deadline: January 19, 2018

For more information please contact Romana Pasca.

International Nursing Field School 2018

NCBNP 2nd year students in good academic standing are encouraged to participate in the CNC International Nursing Field School in 2018 in india.

Participants complete a 6-week practicum abroad, offering the opportunity to earn course credit in a non-traditional setting which includes a practicum component at a local hospital. A small number of students, typically between 8 and 12, travels and studies as a group. The on-site coordinator, supervisor and instructor will be a faculty member from the School of Nursing. The program will also include a series of excursions and visits to local attractions.


  • When: April – June 2018
  • Registration Deadline: November 30, 2017
  • Cost: approx $5,000 - $6,000
  • Includes: Airfare, tuition, student fees, travel insurance, guides, transportation, accommodation, and most meals
  • Course Credits: NURS 220

For more information please contact Romana Pasca

Global Leadership Program

Join students from around the world for this annual 10 day leadership program, hosted by Daegu Health College in Daegu, South Korea. (CNC and Daegu Health College)

A combination of classroom learning and cultural programming will be used to create an inclusive environment for students to explore how leadership can impact global issues and global change. Challenge your own ideas of diversity and globalization and gain a deeper understanding of global citizenship!

This program is for CNC students interested in developing leadership and intercultural communication skills.

Cost: Participants cover the cost of their airfare, insurance, and spending money. Accommodations, meals, program fees and local transportation are covered by our generous partner Daegu Health College. What a great deal!


  • Cost: Around $2,000 (Subject to change)
  • When: August 2018

For more information please contact Romana Pasca

International Service Learning (SERV 250)

Students on bridge
Earn 3 UT credits for completing one month of international volunteer work! This course allows you to integrate meaningful volunteer experience in an international context with academic coursework and critical reflection. Choose from a wide range of individual volunteer placements or organized group projects that focus on community driven initiatives and student learning. Participants will develop new understandings of their roles as global citizens and build their capacity to engage in their communities.

CNC has partnered with Projects Abroad and Developing World Connections to coordinate international volunteer placements.


  • Cost: Costs will vary depending on the host country, host organization, length of stay and time of year.
  • When: TBA

For more information please contact Romana Pasca

Anthropology Field School 2018


This field school will immerse you in Greek classical antiquities as you participate in guided tours of archaeological sites such as the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Delphi, Temple of Poseidon, and Olympia; and museums such as the National Archaeological Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art, and New Acropolis Museum. You will also attend lectures and workshops by local experts on topics such as Greek history, traditional food, Greek language lessons, travel writing, archaeological methods, and pre-historic cultures.


  • Cost: Approx. $5000 plus tuition
  • Registration Deadline: January 19, 2018
  • When: May 2018

For more information please contact Romana Pasca

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