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From Broadaxe to Clay Chinking: stories about the pioneers in and around the Prince George area
by June A. Chamberland
Prince George, BC: CNC Press, 2006.
ISBN 0-921087-33-0
497 p., photos, folded col. maps, index

This book is a "who's who" of the pioneer families who settled in the Prince George area in the early 1900's. Based upon 5 years of research and over 100 interviews, it includes an introduction to the land settlement process by Historical Geographer Kent Sedgwick, an introduction to the construction of log buildings that typified the pioneer homestead by the author, over 530 photographs of pioneer families and their buildings, and a number of maps showing settlement. A major work and a valuable reference for local history.

Contents: view slides of all photos in the book  -  Orders
Awards: Winner of 2007 Jeanne Clarke Memorial Local History Award

chamberland photo

Cover - chamberland-cover (jpg)
Title page - Dedication - Chapter areas map - Table of Contents - -
Synopsis i -
Acknowledgements ii
Preface iv see below
Introduction to log house building ix Photos-preface+intro
Introduction to early agricultural settlement in the Prince George area, by J. Kent Sedgwick xvi -
1. Summit Lake Area and North 1 Photos-Ch1
2. Salmon River Area 19 Photos-Ch2
3. Old Summit Road South to Northwood Road 51 Photos-Ch3
4. Ferguson Lake - Pilot Mountain Areas 63 Photos-Ch4
5. The Mandalay and Stuart River Country 77 Photos-Ch5
6. Chief Lake Area 85 Photos-Ch6
7. Reid Lake Area 117 Photos-Ch7
8. Isle Pierre - The Road, the Ferry Crossing, and the Village 141 Photos-Ch8
9. Cranbrook Hill and Miworth 155 Photos-Ch9
10. The Beaverley District 181 Photos-Ch10
11. The Chilako River Area 201 Photos-Ch11
12. The Telegraph Trail and the Blackwater Road 218 Photos-Ch12
13. Cluculz Lake Area 225 Photos-Ch13
14. Prince George, the Airport Area, and the Cariboo Highway 239 Photos-Ch14
15. Red Rock - Stone Creek Area 263 Photos-Ch15
16. Woodpecker and Woodpecker Landing 273 Photos-Ch16
17. Hixon - Strathnaver Areas 285 Photos-Ch17
18. Pineview Area 313 Photos-Ch18
19. Buckhorn Area 337 Photos-Ch19
20. Blackburn, Tabor Lake and Foreman Flats 351 Photos-Ch20
21. Shelley and Ferndale Areas 373 Photos-Ch21
22. Willow River Area 393 Photos-Ch22
23. From Giscome to Hutton 407 Photos-Ch23
Glossary 419 -
Bibliography 423 -
Photos of People Interviewed 425 Photos-People (pdf)
Index 441 Index (pdf)
Maps 464 -



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