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Student Outcomes


Graduates Report

Report of the number of credentials awarded annually by program during the last five academic years.


Employment Outcomes

Summary of the employment outcomes (by program) of former CNC students based on an annual survey carried out approximately one year after leaving CNC.


BC Student Outcomes


CNC participates in a number of annual surveys of former students. The surveys gather feedback on their educational experiences and employment outcomes.

The surveys administered are: 

  • DACSO (Diploma, Associate Degree, and Certificate Student Outcomes) Survey collects feedback from former students who were in diploma, associate degree, or certificate programs;
  • APPSO (Apprenticeship Student Outcomes) Survey collects feedback from former students who completed their final year of apprenticeship technical training at CNC.
  • DEVSO (Developmental Student Outcomes) Survey collects feedback from former upper-level College & Career Preparation & English as a Second Language domestic students.

Information about these student outcomes projects, as well as a variety of reports and issue papers published using the data, are available on the BC Student Outcomes website.

BC Student Outcomes Reports


An on-line BC Student Outcomes search tool allows the public to access program-level results from the DACSO and APPSO surveys of former students. The reporting tool is designed for students, prospective students, parents, and education / career counsellors to help them make informed post-secondary education choices.

The on-line search tool gives users fast and easy access to a wealth of outcomes information collected by the annual surveys.


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