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a celebration of people who have touched our lives


With Thanks



In Remembrance


Berry, Stu and Diana

Donovan, Rachel

McKinnon, Barry

McVey, Alistair

Malcolm, Ben 

Rivet, Laurier

Shaffer, Stan 

Timbres, Marcia

Weninger, Terry



Abel, Marie 

Allgaier, Hans

Andrew, E. Christine

Campbell, Steve

Franke, Wolfgang E.

Fougere, Scott 

Giles, Catherine 

Hermanson, Wayne

Leveridge, Al 

May, Jean 

McKivett, Gary

McQuaid, Ann

Moffat, Harold

Mooney, Dr. A.W.

Murthy, Nalini


North, Juli Marie

Pooley, Jan

Prediger, Anne-Marie

Reid, Mike

Rubadeau, Duane 

Sedgwick, J. Kent  

Stageberg, Truman

Stewart, Pat 

Tarrant, Nancy 

Tylee, Sabrina Marie

Ward, Ken 

Wilson, Cynthia

Wilson, Jean




About this page

The Tributes gallery is maintained by the College of New Caledonia Library Archives. It celebrates the lives of people who have formerly worked at the College, including operational staff, faculty, administration and board members. People who have passed away while in service are automatically given an online Tributes page (which is more permanent than the temporary Remembrance Wall photo posting). Friends and colleagues of people who retire or leave College employment are also welcome to submit photos and a description of the person's contribution, preferably taken from a CNC newsletter or community news source. For more information on submissions, please contact the College Library by email:

3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8 1-800-371-8111
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