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rachel donovan

Rachael Donovan

B.A. (Mount St. Vincent)
M.Sc.N. (Western Ontario)
Ph.D. (Alberta)

Rachael first came to CNC in August 1993 from Grande Prairie Regional College where she was the Dean of Career and Vocational Studies. At CNC, she took on the position of Academic Vice-President and effected many positive, team building changes during her time here. In August 1999, due to family interests, she left CNC for Ontario where she accepted a Vice-President position at St. Clair College. Friends and colleagues were sorry to see her go, and her farewell party was quite an event, attended by a large cross-section of the College community.

In 2001, CNC was again in the process of recruiting a Vice-President, and we were fortunate to be able to enlist Rachael's services as "Acting" Vice-President in the interim period, from September 2001 to July 2002.

2001-2002 was a particularly challenging budget and planning year for CNC, and Rachael brought her considerable administrative talents to the task of rationalizing programmes and developing new initiatives: Educational Plan, Programme Reviews, Centre for Teaching and Learning, etc.

In July 2002 the recruitment process for the position was completed, and we said farewell once again to Rachael - returning to Ontario, this time to Sir Sandford Fleming College.

This occasion merited a special parting gift -- something that would be a more permanent and lasting reminder of the time she spent with us.

The Rachael Donovan Library Legacy Fund was established, as a tribute to Rachael's commitment to students and their research needs. Proceeds from the Fund will be used annually to purchase student reference materials, for each campus on a rotational basis. The fund will live on and benefit future generations of students in the College region. The College would like to thank all contributors for their generous support of this fund. Additional contributions are welcome! 
More information on the Library fund is posted at

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