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Laurier Rivet

Laurier Rivet worked at the College in Building Services/Facilities Services for over 27 years, before retiring in June 2009. He was ‘the guy’ you called if you wanted something fixed, moved, carried, delivered, etc.


But most of all, Laurier, we’ll remember you as that friendly fun-loving fellow you’d meet in the hall, who always had a smile on his face and was always willing to help out.


Speaking of fun - here are some photos of Laurier and wife Jenny (CNC Admissions) at his going-away party which amply illustrate the point!


rivet-001b   rivet-002   rivet-003


 rivet-004   rivet-005   rivet-006 

  rivet-007   rivet-008   rivet-009

   rivet-010   rivet-011   rivet-012

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