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 Truman Stageberg, with sister Julie, in July 2007.

Photo courtesy of Sean Stageberg


Spotlight on Togo

from Truman's collection

click here to view full exhibit


stageberg art 1



Truman Stageberg

M. Ed.

Feb. 1, 1938 - Aug. 18, 2007


Truman Stageberg worked at CNC for more than 14 years and we were saddened to learn that he had passed away this month.


Truman came to the College in 1973 as a faculty member in the new Study Skills Centre.  The Centre, which was located in the Smithers Building, one of the portable buildings on campus, offered short courses and provided individual assistance to students with reading problems and with problems writing term papers and other assignments. Short courses included preparation for students writing the GED high school equivalency exam.


Truman worked in the Centre until 1981, when he took a leave of absence to go to Africa. He spent several years in Africa, mainly based in the West African country of Togo, and then returned to CNC in 1984. By this time, the Study Skills Centre had expanded to become the Developmental Centre, with many more remedial and upgrading services for students. Truman worked in the new Centre until 1988, when the U.S. beckoned. He moved to North Dakota, where he worked for a while in a native college, and later with veterans at the University of North Dakota.


Exhibit: While Truman was in Africa in the early 1980s, he collected a lot of local art, and on his return, the library hosted a beautiful "Spotlight on Togo" exhibit of the carvings, batiks and watercolor paintings from his collection. Click on the link on the left to view photos of the exhibit.


Prince George Citizen, Saturday August 25, 2007

stageberg news




"I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to Truman in person before he passed away. I would have reminded him of what a difference he made in many students' lives here at the college. He was a real hero to so many people who went on to complete their GED, get jobs, or get more post-secondary education. Many of them wouldn't have started without a pep talk and boost from Truman."--Kathy Plett, CNC Library Director


Best wishes to the family, from Ralph Maida and Pat Roberts, who have great memories of Truman from the good old days!


"Thanks for putting this page up; not too many of us will remember Truman but I sure do. The picture is great, he looks just as good or better than he did in the 1980s. All the best to the family."--Sharon Sorer


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