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 How to Order


Click Here for Print Shop Requisition in PDF format

Click Here for Print Shop Requisition in Excel Format 


The Print Shop accepts print requests via Email.

This process will speed up and improve the quality of your jobs.

The following are the steps to follow to get your job done correctly.

1. Send an Email to

2. The subject line will be the Due Date

3. Attach the Print Shop request form found below

4. Attach the Document you need printed

The Print Shop can only accept PDF and .doc file formats

Please contact the Print Shop if you have any further questions

Order Forms

Print Shop Requisition in PDF Format - Click Here

Print Jobs Requiring Copyright Clearance - Click Here for Form


Q. How do I get printing done?

A. Print Room requisitions are available in the Print Shop and must be completed before any printing can be done.

The completed request form and the original document should be given to Rusty in the Print Shop or left in the mailroom (box 316/317) after 4pm daily or on weekends.

Access Copyright forms are available in the Mailroom in box 313 and a poster outlining Access Copyright rules is located there. Complete copyright, Print Shop forms and place your print job in mail box 316 or 317.

For more information about Access Copyright requirements check out the library's CNC Copyright Guide.


Q. How do I find out my budget code?

A. Please contact your Dean or Manager for this information.

Q. How long will it take to get my printing done?

A. With the exception of coursepacks service is usually next day,

although 48 hours lead-time is appreciated in case of machine problems of heavy workloads.


Q. What about manuals or coursepacks?

A. Please request the printing of these by completing a Print Shop requisition and submitting it to the BookStore.

The material to be copied is provided to the Print Room by the faculty member. If any material in the coursepack or manual is copyrighted, then a Access Copyright form must be completed and submitted with the originals to the Print Room.

Manuals and course pack requisitions should be submitted in the May/June period if they are required for the Fall semester.

If they are required for the January semester they must be submitted in early November. This is to allow time for both the Print Room and the College Store to do their processing.


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