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Audio Visual - Multimedia assets needed?

contact Owen Siddals - siddalso@cnc.bc.ca Loc. 5575 Video!
Planning your video

Consider adding an audio visual component to your course content!
Do you have demonstrations that are repetitive? Some where 20 students gather
round looking over each other's shoulders? Are there some students ask to have repeated?
Consider making a video! Record the lesson / demonstration then make it available as part of
your course content!

Have a guest presenter coming and you'd like the lesson recorded? Contact CTL
Shot something on your phone but don't to do next? Contact CTL!
Time to record your Provincial Instructor's Diploma Capstone lesson? We can help!

Do it Yourselfer? 
Get started with this!

Scripting and why it's NECESSARY Using your SmartPhone Free? Editing Software

Check out videos devoted to improving your skills!

Prefer some manuals?

Interested but need some IDEAS??? Take a look at a sampling of videos we've assisted with. 

Other Media

How about that PowerPoint? Some part just not coming together? We can help!
Do you know you can share the PowerPoint as a PDF? We can show you how!
So I took this great picture, Now what?  We can help!
I'd like to record some audio! How can I do that? It's easy!

CNC's Video Server (Ensemble)

Link to the Server( Ensemble) - Note you'll need an account - contact IT

Getting Started with Ensemble - quick start guide

Have those videos on thumbdrives you can never find?
We have a storage solution for you! ( Copyright laws do apply!)