Web Tools

Tool Admin Interface
(employees only)
Accounts   Set up your CNC account or change/reset your CNC password.
Acronyms, Initialisms & Definitions Add / Remove Acronyms A listing of common CNC and higher education acronyms & definitions
CNC Courses   Search for course information through CNC Connect
Contacts   A listing of all CNC employees and their contact information
Course Outlines Add / Remove Outlines A searchable listing of online CNC course outlines
Course Transferability   Find out where you can get credit for your CNC Courses
easyR Access easyR Financial Reports
Employment Add / Remove Employment Current CNC employment postings
eSwap   Free public online buy and sell
Guest Wi-Fi   Staff and Faculty click here to create a temporary Wi-Fi account for a CNC guest
News & Events
Public Add Event / News
Employee Add Event / News
CNC News & Events listing and updater
Lab Software Lists (PG Campus) Update Lists List of software installed on computer lab machines at the PG Campus
Portal   Access the CNC portal
Remote Password Reset Admin Admin interface to reset temp account passwords
Room Finder Add / Edit Maps Interactive maps to find rooms at CNC
Student Book Lists   Find out which textbooks you'll need for your courses
Student Employment Admin -
Web Site Updating Admin To update your website, click the link and use your AD/turn the computer on login and password