Distinguished Alumni

Do you know, or are you a distinguished CNC Alumni? Tell us about them/yourself and you may see them/yourself profiled here.

Tom Simpson photo

Tom Simpson

“I thought I really knew the industry until I got into teaching. Sometimes I didn’t know the answer,” he said. “I had to explain the concepts in a different way so the students would understand. Now I push their comfort level, ask a lot of questions and challenge them.”

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Cindy Blackstock photo

Cindy Blackstock

“[My instructor] made me re-write that essay five times, and during that process reminded me that learning is a privilege that takes effort and commitment . . . I have since been forever thankful.”

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Bruce Strachan photo

Bruce Strachan

“I’m proud of my education. It doesn’t matter what discipline you take, education teaches you to think. That’s what CNC did.”

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Andrea Menard photo

Andrea Menard

“At CNC I began to enjoy my professors that taught my Bachelor of Arts courses, I felt connected to them, and that was different from when I was down on the coast at college...”

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Jeff Janzen photo

Jeff Janzen

“CNC bridged the gap between the work force and high school. It took the fear out of the whole growing up world. It gave me a path to move onto the next level.”

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"I attended CNC in 1974, taking the ECE program. After finishing the program, I took other courses and workshops through the college. When I was working in the field (day care supervisor), I worked with other ECE students in their practicums. My late husband attended CNC taking the Automotive pre-apprenticeship program and then the Heavy Duty and CVIP in the heavy duty shop as well. As the story continues, our daughter Caitlin has taken the Hospitality/Tourism program and because of this program, was allowed to travel to Orlando, Florida to work at Disney World. I think you may have heard similar stories to mine, but I feel that CNC is a family affair ... and we are proud of our college. Thank you!" Julie Pedde (CNC alumni)