Medical Office Assistant - Associate Certificate

Program Overview

The Medical Office Assistant (MOA) is an ever-changing and vital role as part of the medical office team. MOA’s perform administrative and clinical tasks to ensure offices and clinics of physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists and other health professionals run smoothly. Duties can vary from office to office depending on location, size and specialty.

You will receive a combination of classroom and computer lab time as well as hands-on clinical training in areas such as routine tests and exams. In addition, you will receive training on specialized software, the Medical Office Information System (MOIS), used throughout the north in public and private clinics.

Example of salaries for a Medical Office Assistant.

In addition to the Medical Office Assistant Associate Certificate, CNC also offers an online Medical OfficeAssistant Certificate. Students who are interested in further enhancing their Medical Office Assistant skill-sets after completing this program are encouraged to speak to an Academic Advisor about course equivalencies that can be granted between the programs.

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Apply to this program by completing an online application form or by downloading and submitting the application form to the Admissions office. This program has a $40 non-refundable application fee.


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