Priority Projects

Student Awards Program

Max Adams
Medical Radiography student, Max Adams, CNC award recipient, stresses the importance of our student award program.

The generosity of hundreds of donors makes it possible for the College to award approximately 400 awards with a total value of $160,000 on an annual basis. Over 50% of CNC students rely on Student Awards & Financial Assistance to help them achieve their learning and training goals. The need for your support is greater than ever as the number of students attending the College and seeking financial assistance increases.

The Student Awards Program is the key that many students need to achieve their educational and training goals. The cost of education continues to rise and much of the burden of that increase is placed onto the students. Scholarships and bursaries reward students for academic achievement and assist students in financial need.

You can provide support to students through the provision of an annual gift of $250 or more, or you can establish an endowed award ($10,000 and over) from which the income generated from the investments is provided as the award. Once established, an endowed award will benefit many students for years to come. 


CNC is a comprehensive community college that offers a diverse range of more than 40 programs leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees in career, vocational, university transfer, trades, apprenticeship and academic upgrading.

Many of the College’s programs, including Nursing, Dental Studies, Social Work, Welding, Criminology, Business, Arts and Sciences, Professional Cook, Medical Laboratory Technology Science Diploma, Early Childhood Education, Northern Outdoor Recreation and Eco-tourism, Electrical, Carpentry, and Millwright, attract students from across the province to study at CNC.

Some of these programs require specialized, and often costly, equipment for training purposes. Many programs also require on-going and costly training tools and resources to build on students’ learning experiences. State of the art equipment ensures that students are getting the most relevant education and training possible. Donations of cash for the purchase of equipment and other hands-on materials, or donations in-kind of equipment and materials would greatly benefit these programs.

Campus specific

CNC has six campuses spread throughout the north central interior. Prince George is the largest campus, and community campuses are located in Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, Burns Lake, Mackenzie and Quesnel. Each campus has unique programming, unique features and unique priorities. We encourage you to contact your local campus for information on how you can invest in your community campus.