FASD Consultation, Presentations & Training

CNC Lakes Campus offers FASD consultation, presentations and training to service providers and caregivers in the health care, education, justice and social service fields. Training sessions, which may be provided at CNC or in the community, are tailored to group needs and vary in content according to the level of understanding of participants.

Instructors bring an in-depth understanding of the disability that is based on research and front line experience with adults and children who have FASD. The college prides itself on quality training that is dynamic, interactive and designed for individuals with a variety of learning styles in order to meet learning objectives.

CNC provides FASD consultation in the areas of

  • Community Strategic Planning
  • Program Development
  • Policy Development
  • Proposal Writing
  • Identification of Funding Possibilities

Community and Conference Workshops & Training

CNC Lakes District Campus has been facilitating workshops across Canada for several years. Our competent, well trained facilitators can help your community or agency gain skills and knowledge about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Our workshops are evidence-based and utilize recognized best practices.

Some of the workshops we have facilitated include

  • Introduction to FASD

The session provides an overview of the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure, the most common presenting behaviours and characteristics, and potential secondary disabilities. Depending on the length of the session, it can include opportunities for interactive exercises for support and intervention for individuals that have FASD.

Introduction to FASD provides relevant and useful information to service providers, caregivers and administrators in the health, education, justice and social service fields.

  • Strategies for Support & Intervention with Individuals that have FASD

This training session will provide an opportunity for participants to explore strategies that will assist them to work effectively with individuals that have FASD. It is designed for participants that have a comprehensive understanding of the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and experience working with individuals that are affected.

Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of groups including health, social service, justice, education professionals and caregivers. Generally included is a review of characteristics, behaviours and presenting challenges. Angry outbursts, non-compliance, depression and suicidal behaviour are common topics.

  • Early Childhood Education for Children with FASD
  • Employment and FASD
  • Connecting with Hard to Reach Women
  • Making Daycare Work for Children with FASD
  • Restorative Justice and FASD

Our ability to be effective with a person with FASD is directly related to the quality of our relationship. The best strategy will not be effective if trust and acceptance do not exist.

To book a session email us at guarascia@cnc.bc.ca or phone (250) 692-1738.