CNC Leadership Centre: Discover the leader within


About the CNC Leadership Centre

The CNC Leadership Centre offers valuable

workshops, retreats and courses on effective

leadership skills.

These opportunities are offered to CNC students

and staff, and are also available to the employers

and employees of volunteer organizations, as well

as community members.

Current offerings include:

• Leadership Retreat:

Take the opportunity to sample the skills

needed to become an effective leader within

yourself, in your relationships, at work and

in the community. This is an excellent

resource to create trust and cooperation

within your team.

• Leadership 101:

Explore and enhance “the leader within.”

• Leadership 201:

Learn effective skills “to lead the people” and

become an effective team leader as well as an

effective team member.

• Leadership Workshops:

Workshops can be adapted to the needs of

your business or organization. They can be

run in house or at CNC.


Email Don Homan at or Cliff Raphael at

Topics Covered

Leadership 101

• Personal traits and leadership

• Values

• Goals

• Stress: Identifying stressors and developing coping strategies

• Developing resilience

• Time management

• Self-awareness, confidence and vision

• Communication skills

• Leadership in personal life

• Group dynamics

Leadership 201

• Situational leadership

• Group/team traits, values and goals

• Identifying group/team stressors and developing coping strategies

• Leading change and diversity

• Creating vision and stragegic direction

• Communication within groups/teams

• Working with/leading/assessing teams and groups

• Project management process

• Leadership growth plan

Leadership Retreat

• Finding the Leader within

• Time management (the matrix)

• Creating a personal vision (private victory)

• Effective communication and creating trust

• From Me to We — the power of us (public victories)

• Teamwork (synergy) — going from fair to fantastic

• Learning to live with less stress — developing resilience

• Take time to take care

the leader within puzzle
Above Photo: CNC Leadership Centre courses are available to CNC students and staff , and also available to employers, employees, and members of volunteer organizations.

*The College of New Caledonia reserves the right to limit, cancel, or adjust programs without notice.

Your facilitators

Don Homan

• Prime Minister's Teaching Excellence Award, 2007–2008

• Prince George Community Leader Award, November 2007

• Master of Education, University of Southern Queensland, 2005

• Recipient of National Leader of Distinction Award, 2004

• Bachelor of Education, University of Victoria, 1973

Cliff Raphael

• Instructor, College of New Caledonia, 1989 to present

• Master of Science (Climatology), University of British Columbia, 1982

• Bachelor of Arts (Geography – Honours), McMaster University, 1980.


For more information Leadership Centre

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“No matter how qualified or deserving we are,we will never reach a better life until we can imagine it for ourselves and allow ourselves to have it.”

- Richard Bach

Leadership Workshops

• Qualities of a leader

• Qualities of a team player

• Developing the leader within

• Laws of leadership

• Laws of teamwork

• Conflict resolution/communication skills

• Leadership styles (SDI)

• Time management