Automotive Technician Apprenticeship

What you'll learn

Apprenticeship technical training is designed for students who are working in the industry and have been registered as an apprentice through the Industry Training Authority.

If you're not working in the industry, you can start your education by taking the foundation level program for Automotive Technician.

CNC offers all four levels of technical training for the Automotive Service Technician program.

AUTO 150 Level 1

Duration: 7 Weeks

In this level you’ll learn the make-up of wheels; frames and manual suspension systems; manual and power steering; basic electrical systems; and safe work practices.

AUTO 250 Level 2

Duration: 6 Weeks

In this level you’ll focus on gasoline and diesel engines; cooling and exhaust systems; engine lubricant and air conditioning; starting motors, circuits and charging systems.

AUTO 350 Level 3

Duration: 7 Weeks

In this level you’ll cover standard and electronic ignition systems; fuel and emission control systems; and electronic engine controls.

AUTO 450 Level 4

Duration: 6 Weeks

In this level you’ll focus on clutches and standard transmissions; manual overdrive; and testing and servicing transfer cases, automatic transmissions, drive lines, drive axels and differentials; and the Air Care Program.

Automotive Technician

  • Type: Apprenticeship
  • Length: Varies by Level
  • Campus: Prince George
  • Fees: Vary by Level
These fees are an estimate and do not include books.