Frequently asked questions for patients

How much does it cost for adults? Children?

An adult patient will be charged $50.00. Children (18 years of age and under) will be charged $25.00.

What methods do you accept for payment?

Cash, interact, personal cheques (made out to CNC), Visa, and MasterCard

What is included in the price?

You or your child(ren) will receive an oral health assessment (which consists of an oral cancer screening exam, charting of existing oral conditions); x-rays as needed or requested by your dentist/dental office; preventive oral health services such as scaling/root planing (scraping of teeth), polishing and fluoride applications. You may also receive education/information regarding tobacco cessation and diet counseling. All patients receive oral hygiene instruction.

Can I see any student I want?

When booking your appointment you can request a specific student; however, depending on that student’s schedule and patient workload, you may not be able to see that student. However, there will be other students that can see you.

How long will it take to get my work completed?

The length of time for preventive oral health services will depend upon how long you have been away from professional oral care and what your treatment needs are. You can expect to see your student for several appointments varying in length from 2-3 hours. Once your oral assessment is complete, your student will provide you with an estimate of the number of appointments required to complete your treatment.

Can I get other dental work, such as a filling or dentures, done at the school, too?

No. We are not intended to replace dental care that you receive at your dental office. You are strongly encouraged to see your dentist for needed dental treatment.

Where do I go?

We are located at the College of New Caledonia, 3330 22nd Avenue in Prince George. The dental clinic is at the back of the building.

How do I know I’ll receive the best care?

All work performed by the student is monitored and evaluated by highly educated faculty members.

Where do I park?

You can park in the designated parking lot right outside the dental building. You need to remember your license plate so we can inform IMPARK that you are a patient at the dental clinic so you do not receive a ticket.

Can I take the bus?

Yes. There is a bus stop within walking distance (about 5 mins) to the entrance to the dental building.

Will I see a dental hygiene or dental assisting student?

Whether you see a dental hygiene or dental assisting student depends on when you want to receive treatment and whether you are an adult or a child (18 years of age and under). Dental assisting students typically start treating patients in March, while dental hygiene students treat patients starting in September.


3330-22nd Avenue
Prince George, BC
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