What you'll learn

ELEC 115 Foundation-Level Electrical (Harmonized)

In the foundation program, studies are focused on DC electricity. We will learn about the fundamentals of electricity and how it is electromagnetically induced. We will learn DC circuitry and resistance as well as analyzing these circuits. We will learn how to use meters and test equipment and learn how to read prints and drawings. We will also learn basic motor control and industrial power electronics. One of the most important lessons will be the interpretation and application of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). Due to the nature of the CEC, it will be taught on a daily basis (approximately 1 hr. to 2 hrs. per day).

As well as learning the theory of electricity, there will be a lot of hands on learning which is invaluable for preparing you for the electrical trade and making you more employable. We also have a very well equipped shop and computer lab available for our use. You must have safety glasses and safety footwear to work in the shop.

Provincial apprenticeship programs

Graduates of the Electrical program (Entry Level Trades Training) at CNC receive an ITA Certification of Completion and credit for level one technical training of their apprenticeship.

CNC also offers an Electrical Apprenticeship program.


  • Credential: Certificate
  • Type: Full-time
  • Length: 20 weeks
  • Campus: Prince George, Mackenzie, Quesnel
  • Fees: $3,149
These fees are an estimate and do not include books.