Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Apprenticeship

Industrial Mechanics are needed everywhere there's machinery

Anything that requires a machine to produce or handle a product needs an Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) to install and repair. There are many opportunities for Millwrights in the resource industry and in manufacturing, from Hydro Electric Dams to the Aerospace industry. They often work as part of a diverse team of other trades people, such as machinists, instrument mechanics, welders, electricians and pipefitters.

In the Industrial Mechanic apprenticeship program, you’ll learn the skills to maintain, install, and repair stationary industrial equipment such as pumps, tanks, conveyors, furnaces and generators. You’ll be able to detect malfunctions, adjust machinery, repair defective parts, fabricate parts as needed, and use programmable logic controls.

Governing bodies

Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

  • Type: Apprenticeship
  • Length: Varies by Level
  • Campus: Prince George, Quesnel, Vanderhoof
  • Fees: Vary by Level