Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate

  • Full-time and part-time
  • Start date varies
  • Per-course pricing; contact campus for details
  • Online through CNC Mackenzie Campus


Become an important member of the legal team. The Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate will give you the skills and knowledge you need for entry-level employment in a legal office.

Admission Requirements

Applicants who have completed CNC’s Administrative Assistant or Office Assistant Certificate meet the admission requirements for this program. Applicants without a certificate will need to complete the following prerequisites:

  • ABTC 066 Keyboarding II or equivalent or a keyboarding speed of 45 net words per minute.
  • ABTC 050 Online Learner Success or equivalent.
  • ABTC 060 Computers and the Internet or ABTW 073 Microcomputers I or equivalent.
  • ABTC 070 Word Processing I or equivalent.
  • ABTC 071 Word Processing II or ABTW 043 Word Processing (covers Word Processing I and II) or equivalent.
  • ABTC 085 Business English or ABTE 074 Business Communications I or equivalent.

Highly Recommended:

To be successful in completing the Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate, basic skills in bookkeeping, human relations, filing, and office procedures are required.

For applicants who do not have strong skills in these basic areas, we highly recommend completion of the following courses before entering the Legal Administrative Assistant Program.

  • ABTC 080 Business Math and Calculator Skills plus ABTP 073 Office Procedures or ABTB 073 Financial Records or equivalent.
  • ABTC 091 Records Management or ABTP 072 Office Procedures or ABTP 073 Office Procedures or equivalent.
  • ABTC 090 Administrative Procedures or ABTP 078 Office Simulations or ABTP 076 Office Simulations or equivalent.
  • ABTC 075 Human Relations or ABTH 070 Human Relations or equivalent.


ABTL 010 - Introduction to the Canadian Legal System

ABTL 020 - Legal Office Procedures

ABTL 030 - Litigation Procedures I

ABTL 040 - Litigation Procedures II

ABTL 050 - Family Litigation Procedures

ABTL 060 - Corporate Procedures I

ABTL 065 - Corporate Procedures II

ABTL 070 - Conveyancing Procedures I

Fees and Dates

Mackenzie Campus

Dates: Start date varies
Location: Online

  • Tuition: Dependent on the course
  • Application: $40.00
  • Registration: $15.60 (per semester)
  • Enhancement Fee: $40
  • Development Fee: $20
  • EMAT and Keyboarding Test: $15.00
  • Technology: $28.10 (Per semester, full-time)
  • Technology: $5.62 (Per course, part-time)
  • Shipping per textbook $15/textbook, discounted rate for multiple books

Last Updated: August 24, 2015
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