Medical Office Assistant

Medical office assistants are in demand by physicians and other allied health care providers. The complex and detailed nature of working in the demanding position of a medical office assistant requires excellent communication and office skills to coordinate quality patient care.

In the Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program, you will acquire skills to manage the medical office, to use effective oral and written communication techniques and demonstrate general office procedures, administrative, and time management skills. You will learn how to assess and prioritize patient appointment requests and update patient records. You will learn basic medical terminology and apply it in all courses including transcription. You will understand and adhere to medical/legal aspects in all courses. You will perform medical billing, both manual and computerized, and learn how to complete a variety of clinical procedures in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the medical field.

The courses in the Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program are delivered online. Each course uses lecture notes, discussion boards, live chats, interactive activities, assignments, quizzes, and finals.

Admission Requirments

Applicants who have completed CNC’s Administrative Assistant or Office Assistant Certificate within the past five years meet the admission requirements for this program. Those applicants with older certificates should contact the Mackenzie Campus to discuss potential admission exemptions.

Applicants without a certificate will need to complete the following co/prerequisite courses in order to meet the certificate requirements:

  • ABTC-050 Online Learner Success
  • ABTC-060 Computers & the Internet, or ABTW-073 Microcomputers I, or equivalent
  • ABTC-066 Keyboarding II or equivalent, or a keyboarding speed of 45 net words per minute
  • ABTC-070 Word Processing I and ABTC 071-Word Processing II, or ABTW-043 Word Processing (covers Word Processing I and II), or equivalent
  • ABTC-080 Business Math & Calculator Skills or equivalent
  • ABTC-085 Business English, or ABTE-074 Business Communications I, or equivalent

Program Outline

Upon graduation, learners will possess the knowledge and skills required in the areas of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, the body systems, medical terminology, medical office procedures, and billing to function successfully as a Medical Office Assistant. Graduates will be qualified to accept an entry-level position in a variety of medical settings, including:

  • hospital departments
  • doctors’ offices
  • medical clinics
  • specialists’ offices
  • health boards
  • insurance companies
  • government departments
  • nursing homes
  • medical supply business
  • home healthcare agencies


ABTC-050 Online Learner Success (unless taken as a prerequisite)

ABTM-010 Medical Administrative Procedures

ABTM-020 Medical Billing – Manual

ABTM-025 Medical Billing – Computerized

ABTM-030 Medical Terminology I

ABTM-035 Medical Terminology II - Anatomy & Physiology

ABTM-036 Medical Transcription

ABTM-037 Medical Terminology III - Pharmacology & Specialties

ABTM-040 Medical Clinical Procedures & Practices

Computer/Technical Requirements

  • A computer that is 2007 or newer *see exceptions
  • A USB audio headset with microphone
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010
  • Required prior to starting ABTM-036 Medical Transcription.
    • Digital Wav pedal available for purchase from See details in online classroom OR wav pedal with Start/Stop software available with Medical Transcription 3rd Edition (discounted package).
    • Express Scribe (free download from details in classroom) OR Start/Stop transcription software available with Medical Transcription 3rd Edition (discounted package).

* We are unable to provide technical support to Windows 8 or MAC computers at this time. Therefore, users with Windows 8 or MAC computers may need to access other computers to complete the course work.

**Technical support for Word 2013 is not currently available.

Fees and Dates

Mackenzie Campus

Dates: Start date varies
Location: Online

  • Tuition: Dependent on the course
  • Application: $40.00
  • Registration: $16.54 (per semester)
  • Enhancement Fee: $42.44
  • Development Fee: $21.22
  • SRA and Keyboarding Test: $15.30
  • Technology: $28.90 (Per semester, full-time)
  • Technology: $5.96 (Per course, part-time)
  • Shipping per textbook: $15.75 first textbook, $5.25 for each subsequent

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