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ABST 100 An Introduction to the World View of First Nations People

This course has been designed through an extensive collaborative effort on the part of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, the Prince George Native Friendship Centre, and CNC. The teaching and learning styles it promotes are those indigenous to First Nations cultures. The content is a blend of academic information and perspectives with those of the First Nations people. It is a research-driven format that demands a blend of library, classroom (learning circle format), and fieldwork learning framed by a firm belief in the experiential process

3 CR / (4,0)



CUE 101

The course provides both first-time and returning students with specific skills and strategies needed to accomplish their academic goals with greater success. Students are introduced to a variety of topics critical to student success, including, but not limited to, time management, planning and goal-setting, learning styles, test-taking, and study techniques. The purpose of this course is to give students an opportunity to cultivate the skills, values, and attitudes necessary to become confident, capable students and contributing community members. In addition, the course opens the door to learning as a lifelong process. It specifically assists in guiding students through the critical thinking process, culminating in a practical application: researching, developing, writing, and presenting a proposal for change within our college community.

3 CR / (3,0)

Leadership 101

Mastering self-leadership is the foundation of true leadership. Lead 101 focuses on recognition and development of personal leadership skills and also introduces group skills. In this course you will experience what it means to be a leader. Through a variety of dynamic interaction sessions, Part 1 of The Leadership Lab will begin to equip you to function as a leader. The Leadership Lab will explore conventional concepts of leadership but will take you beyond to an understanding of leadership as lifestyle through practical leadership experiences. This course includes a mandatory retreat which typically occurs on the second weekend after classes begin.



MKT 152 Marketing 152 - Principles of Marketing

This course is an introduction to marketing activities in modern business firms. The major topics covered are target markets and segmentation, consumer behaviour, research and information systems, and the marketing mix. Throughout the course, emphasis is on the application of concepts and perspectives to current business problems and opportunities, through case studies and projects.

3 CR / (3,0)

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Note: Credit courses are subject to the following additional fees:

  • Tuition: Dependent upon the course
  • Application: $40.00
  • Registration: $16.22 (per semester)
  • Technology: $5.84 (per course)
  • Enhancement: $41.61
  • Development: $20.80

The application fee will be waived if you take a credit course offered through CNC as an elective for a current full-time CNC program.

Applications are accepted by the College up to the start of classes as long as seats are available in the program. However, we encourage students to apply as early as possible prior to the start of classes. The availability of spaces in these programs will change as seats fill.