Medical Laboratory Technology Science


  1. Grade 12 or ABE Advanced Certificate.
  2. The following courses, each with a grade of “C” or higher:
    • English 12 or English 12: First Peoples or Technical and Professional Communications 12 or English 045 or equivalent
    • Biology 12 or Biology 050 or equivalent
    • Chemistry 12 or Chemistry 050 or equivalent
    • Principles of Math 12 or Math 050 or equivalent (for students graduating secondary school prior to 2014) - Foundations of Math 12 or PreCalculus 12 or Math 050 or equivalent (for students graduating secondary school 2014 and later)
    Note: Student selection for the program is extremely competitive. “C” is the minimum, but higher grades will improve your chances of being accepted.
  3. Completion of Self-Report on Suitability form.
  4. Completion of the Medical Laboratory Technology Career Investigation Report form.
Selection Process
Only selected qualified short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview. All students will be selected using the following criteria:
Max. points
The cumulative grade point average of the required English, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics courses contributes its actual points – e.g., a GPA of 3.2 contributes 3.2 points. Up to 4.00
30 credits or more at the postsecondary level, or 1-year equivalency, contributes 2 points 2.00
A completed “Medical Laboratory Technology Career Investigation Report” contributes up to 4 points. Note: This is the primary means of selection for the interview 4.00
A completed “Self-Report on Suitability” contributes 1 point 1.00
Residents of BC or the Yukon will be awarded 1 point. 1.00
Persistent interest in the program, as shown by repeated qualified applications, contributes 1 point. 1.00
The interview contributes up to 5 points. 5.00


  1. As part of the selection process, only those applicants who are shortlisted will be interviewed. The MLT Career Investigation Report form (Admission Requirement 4, above) is the primary means of selection for this interview
  2. When you’re accepted into the program, you’ll have to supply us with documents certifying you have current immunizations and health examinations, and a current first aid certificate. We’ll send you more information in your acceptance package.
  3. Self-identified Canadian Aboriginal applicants who meet the admission requirements by the priority deadline will be given priority for 20% of seats.
  4. A criminal record check is required prior to beginning the program. A search which identifies relevant criminal convictions may prevent you from completing the clinical or practicum setting components of the program which required for graduation from the program.
  5. The costs of immunizations and criminal record checks are the responsibility of the student.

Medical Laboratory Technology Science Diploma

  • Credential:Diploma
  • Type: Full-time *three semesters on campus, one year at practicum site
  • Campus: Prince George
  • Fees: $3,100 per semester.
    Practicum year $8,400
These fees are an estimate.

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