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Careers in Natural Resources Forest Technology

Very few disciplines offer the rich diversity of careers that are available in the natural resources sectors. Natural Resources and Environmental Technology at CNC provides the ideal basis for people who are interested in and concerned about the environment. If you enjoy an outdoors lifestyle, excel at technology and science, and find peace in working alone or thrive in a dynamic team, then this is the program for you. The type of work is as varied as the sectors in which graduates find careers—from forestry to mining and all points in between—jobs are available in the field, offices, laboratories and more.

The chance to make a difference in the world! As populations grow, so does the pressure on our natural resources—especially in BC. Natural resource practitioners and professionals make decisions about how to help meet society's needs, while conserving and enhancing our renewable resources. Many people aspire to be environmental stewards while at the same time providing the resources that we as a society desire from the land—natural resources management proactively combines all of these aspects.

Combining the practical and technical aspects of the program with leadership skills, teamwork, creativity and innovation – NRFT graduates can be found in:

  • Forestry and Forest Management
  • Fish and Wildlife Management
  • Parks, Recreation and Tourism
  • Land Management and Conservation
  • Policy and Planning
  • Road and Bridge Building
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping

Strong support from local companies and agencies! There is an extensive network of CNC graduates throughout BC, including Forest District Managers, Fire Centre Managers, area supervisors, researchers, business owners, and many others. They are an important resource for students and graduates.

A Wide Range of Options

Graduates are prepared to work in forestry; however, skill sets acquired are also transferable to oil/gas/mining exploration, utilities sectors, municipalities, parks, recreation, First Nation resource integration and more. Employers include the private sector, government, consulting firms, First Nations and academia. For those with entrepreneur flare, you may decide to start and run your own business.

Management and extraction of non-timber natural resources often takes place in forested environments, for this reason, NRFT graduates may find employment opportunities in mining, utilities and energy sectors. NRFT skill sets can be used in surveying and road building, timber valuations, transmission lines and corridor clearing, topographic data acquisition and analysis, GIS and mapping, and field data collection.

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