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Meet the NRFT Team

The NRFT teaching team are passionate about your education. Dedicated professionals, our faculty and staff bring a breadth of knowledge to the program and are committed to providing the highest quality classroom experience for our students.

Stephane Dubé
Stacy Dingman
Andrea Erwin
Ed Morrice
Shudao Ni
Richard Reich

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stephaneStéphane Dubé

"I love to get my students involved in everything soils!"

Stéphane completed his undergraduate degree in forestry at Laval University, where he carried on to do a Master's in soil hydrology. He is a professional forester with expertise in soil physics, wetland soils, soil conservation and rehabilitation. Combined with twenty years of experience in operational and applied research, Stéphane's strength in connecting with First Nations, forest licensees and other land stakeholders makes him a powerful asset to the sector.

Recently, he has worked with the provincial government to provide innovative tools for monitoring soil practices, testing new soil rehabilitation techniques on waterlogged soils, and assessing hydrological risk within the mountain pine beetle infested forests. His research has enabled a greater understanding of soil disturbance effects on forest productivity and developed tools for dealing with operational issues in the field.

Stéphane is a new addition to the Natural Resources instructional and research team. He teaches soils courses, policy and forest operations. In the research forest he is working on soil related sustainability issues.
Stéphane is enthusiastic with a reputation for innovating great new ways to teach course material.

StacyStacy Dingman

"I'm passionate about nature, whether playing or working, I spend most of my time enjoying what the forests have to offer!"

Stacy graduated from the CNC Forest Resource Technology program in 1997. Prior to completing his diploma, Stacy worked in the forest industry for 10 years. Since graduation, he's had the good fortune to work in all aspects of forestry.

Stacy has worked in the full forestry cycle, from pre-harvest to harvest, siliviculture and road maitenance with magor licensees. On the logging side of the sector, he's worked with conventional, hi-lead, and helicopter logging systems.

A Registered Forest Technician, Stacy returned to CNC in 2006 as a Lab Technician, bringing a wealth of operational experience to the program.

AndreaAndrea Erwin

"As an instructor and researcher in the NRFT program at CNC, I'm living my dream job!"

Andrea has a diverse background in natural resources, with experience and formal education in forestry, wildlife and fisheries, and freshwater ecology.

She started her career studying Forest Technology at Selkirk College and working field jobs including tree planting, silviculture surveying, and timber cruising. Although there were many exciting opportunities to continue working in the forestry sector, Andrea decided to return to school and earn her B.Sc. in Wildlife and Fisheries at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Studying in Prince George opened many doors, including the opportunity to work with the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative, and as a summer research assistant at the Aleza Lake Research Forest. Upon graduation, Andrea spent several years working for a local consulting firm before heading back to school again, this time to the University of Alberta to earn her M.Sc. in freshwater ecology.

Andrea teaches Silvics and Dendrology, Indigenous Plants, and Forest Ecology at CNC. Her research focus is riparian zone retention on small, forested streams. Outside of the college, you will find Andrea frequenting the local parks with her dog, Rosy or wheeling around on her roller skates.

EdEd Morrice

"There is nothing more exciting than introducing young people to the opportunities available through completing a diploma in Natural Resource and Environmental Technology at CNC!"

Ed stands behind his claim that he became a forester by accident! A youth in the 70's he was influenced by visionaries touting sustainable development and the balance between environment, social equality and economic growth. A desire to escape the big city of Toronto led him to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay where he obtained his B.Sc. in Forestry. After graduation he made his way west to places like MacKenzie, Prince Rupert and Smithers, BC where he worked in silviculture and wildfire fighting.

A Registered Professional Forester, Ed has since been involved in managing long-term area-based tenures—harvesting and regrowing beautiful forests of trees.

A long time CNC instructor and department leader, Ed enjoys an active and involved lifestyle in Prince George. He augments his teaching by serving on the executive of the Canadian Institute of Forestry and maintaining his membership with the Association of BC Forest Professionals. When he isn't teaching or adventuring in the forest you can find Ed flying glider airplanes for the Royal Canadian Aircadets.

ShudaoShudao Ni

"A good education is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Education is the link to the future."

Shudao Ni has a B.Eng. in Applied Geophysics and a M.Sc. in Remote Sensing in Geology. He is a Professional Geoscientist and Registered Professional Forester in BC.

Shudao joined CNC in 1992, and has taught a wide variety of courses over his years in the college. In fact, he may hold the record for the greatest number of subjects taught by one instructor! He believes a good education is the best way for young people to catch up, stay up and get ahead in building careers. In addition to doing research in the area of remote sensing, his main teaching focus in the program is currently Aerial Photography and Mapping, Geographic Information Systems, Forest Engineering, Earth Sciences and Math.

In his spare time, he is an avid traveler. He has visited many places in the world to see different landscapes and major geological features. At the weekend, you may see him hiking in the mountains around Prince George with the local hiking club.

RichardRichard Riech

"I'm excited to be part of the NRET team at CNC. Combining instructing and research is awesome!"

Richard completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of British Columbia, where he carried on to do a Masters in forest pathology. He's a professional forester with a broad range of experience integrating his passion, forest pathology, into all aspects of operational and applied research in silviculture, inventory, and tree improvement.

His 26 years of experience with the Ministry of Forests was spent working with government and industry clients to increase understanding and to develop innovative operational tools and research support. His innovative research has focused on applying leading edge digital aerial photography and remote sensing to forest health detection and mapping. Operationally, his development of digital georeferenced landscape level hazard and risk tools has directly benefitted practitioners, planners, and timber supply analysts.

Richard research goals focus on adding value to people and programs by actively serving the community of professionals, and advancing leading edge research.

Richard is one of the most recent additions to Natural Resource and research team. He teaches our forest health, and policy and practices courses.