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Resourses and Links

The following collections of links provide additional information about the forestry and natural resources sectors and career opportunities for program graduates.

Useful links are provided under the following categories:

News about the NRFT program

CNC Receives 2 Million Dollar Grant For Forestry Training
CKPG TV News, April 17, 2014

Overview Information about the Natural Resources and Forestry Sector

BC's Forests Require Special Care—Professional Reliance and Forest Professionals
In this video from the Association of BC Forest Professionals, you will learn more about the professionals who sustainably manage BC's forests and why professional reliance is needed in forest management.

The Footprint of the Canadian Forest Industry
"The Footprint of the Canadian Forest Industry" details the industry's remarkable reduction in air emissions, GHG emissions, water use and effluents, as well as the industry's pursuit in using as much fibre from every tree harvested. The video speaks to what makes Canada the natural choice for forest products and highlights key responsible sourcing questions for buyers of forest products: is the product harvested legally, are the forest lands regenerated promptly, do the producers do all they can to recycle and reuse fibre, are producers doing all they can to mitigate GHG emissions, and are the forest lands open to independent scrutiny. Produced by The Greenest Workforce.

Provincial and National Associations

These websites service both industry members and members of the public who are searching for information on forestry and natural resources. Be sure to check for career and job postings and scan their lists of additional resources.

The Greenest Workforce
This website can help you find a rewarding career in the Canadian forest products industry. Find a list of careers available in Administration, Sciences and Engineering, Skilled Trades, Mill Operations, and Woodlands, with a growing number of available opportunities as a forestry professional.

The Association of BC Forest Professionals
The ABCFP is responsible for registering and regulating British Columbia's professional foresters and forest technologists.

Canadian Institute of Forestry
The Canadian Institute of Forestry/l'Institut forestier du Canada (CIF/IFC) is the national voice of forest practitioners. Formed in 1908, the Institute represents foresters, forest technologists and technicians, ecologists, biologists, geographers, educators, scientists and many others with a professional interest in forestry. The Institute's mission is to provide national leadership in forestry, promote competence among forestry professionals, and foster public awareness of Canadian and international forestry issues.

Council of Forest Industries
The Council of Forest Industries is a trade association representing forest companies operating in communities throughout the Interior of the province of British Columbia. Our members are leaders within the global forest products industry. They drive the economy of the province and the communities in which they operate through world-leading forest practices, innovation, sustainability and job creation.

Coast Forest Products Association
Coast Forest takes a leadership approach to ensuring that B.C.'s coastal forestry sector continues to thrive so it can support individuals and communities, and sustain the health of our forests and ecosystems for generations to come. We accomplish this through focused government relations and forest policy work, product education and market development, communications and security initiatives.

Truck Loggers Association
The TLA (The Truck Loggers Association) is the official voice of independent forest contractors located throughout BC's coastal region. Organized by loggers who used trucks rather than rail to haul logs in the 1940's, it was established to promote their voice in policy and legislation.

Career Resources

The Greenest Workforce – Career Kit

ABCFP Career Videos
Forestry: It's More Than Logging
Women In Forestry
Forestry Needs Brains Not Brawn

Mining Your Future - a TV Mini-Series showcasing the diverse career opportunities in the mineral exploration and mining industry. The following two career profiles demonstrate how NRET skill sets can be used in this sector.
Reclamation Technician, Walter Energy, Wolverine Mine (Season 1, Episode 1)
GIS Technician, Kaminak Gold Corp (Season 1, Episode 4)

Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences (ALES), University of Alberta
Interview with an NRFT graduate who transferred the University of Alberta to complete her forestry degree. This short video profiles her career as a registered professional forester working for Syncrude.

This is My Office
The Pacific Forest Foundation
An overview of harvesting jobs and how they fit into the forest sector. Modern forest operators provide the logging, reforestation, road building, transportation, environmental protection and the fires and fuels management expertise required to bring timber to market. A wide variety of jobs requiring unique skills are available in our industry to someone willing to try new things and who enjoys working outdoors.

Job and Career Postings

Forestry Jobs in Canada

Career Postings – CIF