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Matus Benko

Matus Benko

I am originally from Slovakia, Central Europe and, two years ago, I made a fortunate decision to enroll in the diploma program at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George, BC. My study program was Natural Resources and Technology that was very close to my previous forestry education and experience in Europe.

Beside the standard study program, I had the opportunity to also be involved in research with the department of Applied Research and Innovation at CNC. Throughout this involvement, I worked on campus on the development of the “ram pump” for the need of irrigation system. This system works without any additional energy input and it is environmentally and economically super friendly. It was a great experience to learn ways of scientific innovative approach to the common technical challenges encountered in the trade of natural resources or in any working positions. As well it was an awesome addition to upgrading my resume. I have to mention the very friendly, professional, and helpful staff both in my study program and in the research department.

Overall, I can say that studying at CNC was a great decision and it was a crucial point in pursuing my personal goals to work and live in BC, Canada. NRET program was run on a really busy schedule, but I have to say that all the instructors were greatly helpful and supporting to all of us students and set us up for a successful graduation. Mostly, I appreciate that program was run in the “hands on experience” style to prepare graduates in the practical methods of work. This is appreciated mostly by the potential employers. Without exaggerating, this particular program gave me excellent opportunity to enter the world of forest industry and other natural resource based industries in the west of Canada. That was evident even in the summer work opportunities right in the first summer break after year of study. Now, after graduation, I already have lined up work in my field of the study and many other promising prospects