As a plumber, you’ll always be in demand and be warmly welcomed to wherever you are called to improve everyday daily life. Plumbers install and repair fixtures, like bathtubs, sinks and toilets, water-using appliances, and equipment for water distribution and wastewater distribution.

Such a versatile and diverse trade can lead you in many directions from plumbing shops and contactors to establishing your own company as has been the case of past CNC plumbing graduates. This 26-week course offers classroom work and hands-on practical sessions in the community to use your skills during construction projects. You’ll use a variety of materials and construction methods along with specialized systems such as medical gas, irrigation and fire protection.

Governing bodies


  • Credential: Certificate
  • Type: Full-time
  • Length: 21 weeks
  • Campus: Prince George
  • Fees: $4,120
These fees are an estimate and do not include books.