Social Service Worker Certificate


What you'll learn

Semester 1

ENGL 103 Composition and Style

A study of grammar, composition, and style. A vigorous program of essay-writing plus a variety of writing assignments or exercises dealing with specific problems in essay writing. Strongly recommended for students who wish to improve their writing skills.
3 CR / (3,0)

SSWK 145 Communication and Interpersonal Relationship Skills

Course material provides an overview of communication theories as well as a practical basis for learning interpersonal skills. This includes discussions of how self-concept, perceptual process, language, and non-verbal behaviour influence communication. This course provides opportunities to increase self-awareness and to improve and develop effective interpersonal communication skills. This course will also provide the student with the opportunity to develop confidence in public speaking.
3 CR / (3,1)

SSWK 171 Introduction to Social Service Practice

Students are introduced to the practice of social service, its values, knowledge, and skill foundations. The principles and contributions of mutual aid, self-help, and natural helping networks are examined. The relationship between social service practice and the communities and organizations in which it takes place is a focus of discussion. Other discussion topics include current trends in the field of paraprofessional services, ethics, and the basic structure and function of social service agencies.
3 CR / (3,0)

SSWK 195 Issues and Principles of Fieldwork and Community: Seminar I

This course is designed to introduce first year students to the purpose and structure of the SSWK field work experience referred to as “practicum.” You are introduced to the theoretical context of experiential learning and its value in the learning process. Essential components of a practicum and its linkage to the academic work in other SSWK and university transfer courses are explored. A sampling of the agencies in our region that provide practicum experience are introduced. You explore a number of articles that discuss some of the key issues in the profession. You interview for and be accepted in a practicum placement that will run two days a week beginning in January and end with a two-week block placement in April/May.

Prerequisite: Admission to SSWK program
Prerequisite or Corequisite: SSWK 145

3 CR / (0,3)

SSWK Elective

One SSWK elective from SSWK or other human service discipline (e.g., CASS, ECE, AECE, FASD, OASW)

Semester 2

SSWK 142 Helping Skills: Practical Applications

This course assists students in developing and refining their basic helping skills. Extensive use of video, role play, and real experiences provides opportunities for the acquisition and practice of helping skills. This course requires that students participate in a weekly three-hour laboratory session for the purpose of learning and practicing their helping skills.
Prerequisite: SSWK 145
3 CR / (3,3)

SSWK 151 History and Philosophy of Social Welfare Policy

This course provides a basic introduction to social welfare policy in Canada, its historical development, and its role within the political and economic context of Canadian society. A major emphasis is placed on a review of the values and ideology implicit in various types of social welfare policy. Students critically analyze the effect of social welfare policies on client populations and upon themselves as social service workers. Class discussions focus on northern issues.
3 CR / (3,0)

SSWK 196 Practicum and Seminar

Students attend a social service agency site for two days a week throughout the semester. At the agency, students construct a learning contract, perform work for the agency, and receive guidance and supervision from an agency-based field supervisor. The seminar is designed to allow all students in the two-day-a-week practicum to reflect on the learning accomplished during practicum. You will keep a journal as discussed in SSWK 195 and present writings from it to your colleagues. We problem solve around issues and concerns pertaining to practicum. We attempt to link theoretical components from your courses to actual practicum events.
Prerequisite: SSWK 195
5 CR / (0,2)

SSWK Elective

One SSWK elective from SSWK or other human service discipline (e.g., CASS, ECE, AECE, FASD, OASW)


SSWK 199 Practicum and Seminar

Starting in late April, at the end of the second semester, students complete a two week block placement in the same community agency where they have been working during SSWK 196. The students are already familiar with the agency and will be expected to participate more fully and contribute to the goals of the agency. A weekly two-hour seminar will be offered. Prerequisites: SSWK 196
3 CR / (0,2)

Social Service Worker Certificate

  • Credential: Certificate
  • Type: Full-time or Part-time
  • Campus: Fort St. James, Prince George and Quesnel *Individual courses may be available at other campuses
  • Fees: $3,765
These fees are an estimate.